Who makes Parkside Tools from Lidl,

Sorry for my english.

I have bought a Parkside circular table saw ref. PTKS 1800 SE in France at LiDL and i have a little problem with it.

Can you tell me who is the SAV in France because i lost the booklet
thank you very much
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My ex-Lidl Parkside drill ( the mighty PSBM 1100 with a Rohm branded chuck) has done a good few years service and it came to me secondhand to boot so that's a recommend. From the paperwork I guess it was born in 2005. It's had fairly light use mind as there is an Axminster pillar drill and a supermarket breaker/hammer drill in support.

For a project I'd get the Makita out of it's box for the pleasure of using something that feels nice in the hand but from a 'grab me now' I just haul the Parkside out of the tool bin.

The Parkside circular saw that came in the same job lot along with some other bits and bobs hasn't stood the test of time though, the motor is now very very noisy and reading between the lines I guess it had been previously abused on cutting up salvage wood. I think it's only still given house room as I'm not very good at chucking stuff away.

For what it's worth.......


i'm sorry to disagree with this writer about the the Chinese Gulags and lashes (Who makes parkside tools)

As a visitor and trader with China, I can say this for a fact; most prices are driven down by the "First buyer market" USA because of the huge distribution available there and they want it for the least bucks.

Second market, Germany, always happy for a bargain, then the rest of the EU, price according to national income statistics. when you see what the "distributers" will offer the factory owner per piece, in return for volume, there is only one answer, "sell em cheap, stack em high" and you can't understand how cheap cheap is.

Only the factory owner and a few Big importers will make out of that deal. Please don't imagine there is any surpus to pay the workers.

Secondly, the Chinese can produce very good stuff.

When the Japanese started pulling out of the Chinese co-operatives, because the factories wanted to produce-share in a little of the "Rewards of their labours" the Japanese simply went to Malaysia and Indonesia, S Korea etc, new folks new deals. New Nikons for example.

Before we whip the Chinese factory systems, perhaps we ought to test the whip a little closer home, perhaps on governments and the people that allow cheap disposable crap to be made and chucked in the bin after 10 mins to be made and imported, then hopefully, we might pay just a bit more and get a bit more back to the factory incumbents.

Lastly, big prices do not mean big quality, they mean security to the user and a "Back" to goods, but quite frankly they cannot either be justified as they part of the same sly marketing scheme to outwit the dim.
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I also have a very high opinion of Parkside tools - they are well built and work better and last longer than the other cheapo brands. For occasional or secondary use they are excellent value.

I found this thread while trying to decide whether to buy a Parkside generator that is in Lidl here (France) tomorrow for 199 Euros (about £180). A small power tool is one thing - when it dies you generally chuck it out and get another one. But you can't do that with a £180 generator - you want to be able to get spares. So I Googled and discovered that there is no source of spare parts for Parkside products at all. I found several owners of Parkside tools frustrated by not being able to get parts. So I have decided not to buy the generator.

I'm getting fed up with not being able to get spares for things - I just chucked out a Performance Pro (B&Q) compressor because the unloader valve broke and I couldn't find one anywhere.

So I would say Parkside are good tools, but I don't think they are viable for something as big as a generator.

By the way, if you want tools you can repair, go for Bosch - any part for any Bosch product is available to order online.
ChrisGUK, my father-in-law has just purchased one of the Parkside Generators... It does come with a three year warranty so I would think that spares are available somewhere.
Parkside tools are fantastic though, they very rarely seem to go wrong. Even the ones that have come to me second or third hand are still working well! Wish I could say that for some of the branded stuff I splashed out on :!:

I too have only nice comments (until now) about parkside and powerfix tools. I was sceptical but till now I am extreemly satisfied and have much more money left in my pocket.

By any chance, is there someone that knows were I can purchase a cheap gypsum/drywall lifter? I have searched the kompernab site but found nothing
Looks like Parkside tools are held in high esteem, anyone know if I can purchase spare batteries for a Parkside KH3101 cordless drill in the UK?
If so, where?
Hi big-all,
unfortunately your link does not make sense to me, I click on it and get a directory structure. Have I missed something?

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