Who's daffy1 please? Forum security or 'glitch'?


I owe the mods and admin an apology :oops: :oops: :oops:

I mentioned that I have a lodger. :rolleyes:

Tonight, just, she just told me that she signed into DIYnot some weeks ago unbeknown to me, (on her laptop I have also been using), and registered as Daffy1 :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I still don't know how it happened because the events happened exactly as I said. i.e. Went to edit my post that I had written that night and then it changed to Daffy1, without me logging off, within seconds! So her laptop is being used by me alone the whole session that night when it happened :confused:

She wasn't on the laptop! I was using it the entire time of posting and editing! So it must still be a glitch of some sort.

She just told me, 20 minutes ago, she registered but never posted anything. (We don't communicate like we used to :rolleyes: ).

She's been looking at buying a house so wanted information on DIY stuff and I recommend this site ages ago. She did not tell me she registered and so the confusion ensued, with the help of 'whatever' glitch that created.

I don't know if Daffy1 is now deactivated. But if it's still alive then she can now post her queries 'as her'.

Lesson to self: Never log in on someone else's pc to post on a forum I use... :oops:

Still very confused but at least I know know where the user name came from :confused: As for the glitch - no idea... :confused: Sotware/bugs/virus...

I could not, and did not, know anything about her username or password, or registering here...
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Hang on, just a thought from a non-IT expert.

AFAIK every pc has a unique IP address. If a mod or whoever said Daffy1 posted from the same pc as I used, that would have helped because I could have said, (it would have occurred to me), to ask my lodger the next day if she is on DIYnot. (Despite knowing she was no where near it at the time of the incident).

Not a criticism of mods or admin of course; I'm now curious because I thought these things could be traced quite easily by those 'in the know'.

Is this something which also allows trolls to re-register and never get banned? I am genuinely concerned and hope this, my experience, helps.
You might not have a fixed IP address. Sky?

Some of us suspected your lodger was daffy as she had previously posted on here using your account ;)

Not on Sky. Using a dongle. She swears she has "never posted here".

That figures, because mine was the first under her username. :confused:

What's that long alpha-numeric mean aj?

She's just said she will change to avoid confusion anyway, and this weirdness.
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She said she hadn't posted as daffy or she hasn't posted as BT ?

I would guess the dongle uses a rolling IP address.

Sig ;)
Not posted on DIYnot as anyone - ever! And I have only ever been me.

Rolling address? You've lost me.. :confused: Being a techie, I know what "rolling" is in electronic terms, (some remote IR controls & IRDA stuff had that).

But do they really use that in IT? (Not good if so). Can never be traced?

I saw the sig aj, what does it do or mean? :oops:
Can't be ar$ed to find the post your lodger made while using your account as it's likely to be in one of your RH love-in threads ;)

Your dongle probably signs in with a different IP address each time you visit as does my sky account.


I feel like I've just posted with someone being helpful who then just booted me up me ar.se.

Going to bed... :unsure:
She swears she has "never posted here".
That figures, because mine was the first under her username. :confused:

F*ck me, it's like being in the twilight zone. :LOL: :LOL:

I’m Tony’s lodger, Maria, and he’s left the laptop on while he's gone to the loo. So I thought I’d quickly say something...
Gotta dash, he's coming back down stairs... icon_biggrin.gif
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