Why didnt my top coat stick to my undercoat?

20 Jun 2007
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United Kingdom
I am just trying to gain knowledge as to why my painting didn't work properly, hopefully you can let me know why

I am painting my bare wooden doors.
I did two coats of my undercoat which was Leyland Wood and metal undercoat (solvent based).

And then the next day I went to use Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood as my top coat, but when I went to place it on, it didn't work properly, it kinda behaved like water, as in it didn't stick. (if that makes sense)

I have used this same tin for painting on other surfaces that had different undercoats, and also on to glossy painted surfaces before, so I am trying to work out what I should know so that this doesn't happen again.

All in all not a massive problem as I just did a further coat of the undercoat and decided to leave it at that

thanks in advance
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ahh ok thanks.. and the other surfaces that this top coat did stick to, which were glossy and at least 15 + years old, must have just (coincidentally) been water based gloss?
it might have been that the solvent had all dried up by then.

rub your hands with white spirit, dry them on a rag, put them in water. the water will not wet them. they will continue to smell of white spririt for a while, until all traces have gone.

you can also wipe the surface with fine sandpaper to dull it, once the primer is hard.
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Brilliant, thanks for that. Just good to know so I don't make this simple mistake again.

Tbh accidentally buying solvent undercoat was the problem, that stuff is so much more effort to use than water based.
I think solvent undercoat is more durable outdoors, especially Aluminium Wood Primer.

But I have no evidence to support my belief.

If you leave it exposed to the sun for a few days, and wipe it lightly with fine sandpaper, I think water-based undercoat will be OK.

But you can't sand water-based undercoat, it balls.

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