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25 Oct 2012
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United Kingdom
Good evening all,

As I've been going through the rooms in my house I have been adding CAT 6 sockets to enable a wired internet access for TVs/games consoles etc.
We have just had the house extended and I was away with my job and no one put any RJ45s in the room (which happens to be the furthest from the router!). Has anyone had experience with these wifi extenders and if so what would be the best to buy?

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depends on budget I guess, what do you need it to do?

Speed, distance, Ethernet over mains may be a solution for you?
depends on the speed of the router - I'd match it. The little Netgear EX6000 is ok and also has a gigabit port. It can be a bit droppy - I've found the hair pin solution through the arial of the router works to extend range. the EX6000 are 30ish quid if I recall.

I couldn't get it to plug and play on my D6300, but wired setup was fine.
I don't mind about paying a price for a decent one. Because I have a 1930s house the wifi isn't great when passing through the thick walls. The range is around 10 metres max from my router to where I would like the wifi signal to be strong. I've got plugs everywhere and they are nicely hidden so the plug in could be an option. But what are good ones to get and where from?

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I bought these and they work a treat. Can I buy more but without the one that plugs into the modem as I obviously don't need another one of those. IMG_0175.JPG
modem ;)

Yep you can have several. The power line speed must match, so av600, the wifi extenders can be set as extenders or repeaters depending on how you connect them to the "modem"
I probably need one more wifi extender and 1 repeater. What would you recommend? Obviously I would like the fastest possible.
This is your set up right?

do you need to expand the wifi range or just add an additional wired device?
That's exactly what I have at the minute. I would like 1 of each. So 1 more wifi extender and 1 without but the more LAN ports on the better. I have seen some with 3 ports on but they come in single packs and haven't got wifi.
I don't really need the through plug either as I have sockets all over the place.

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