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2 Jan 2019
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United Kingdom
I suppose this is more of a data question and with this being telephone forum it's the closest thing. I have ran cat 5 to data points in the bedrooms at my house. The wifi signal is quite poor with it being an old double brick wall house. The router is in a corner of the house. It can't be moved it's where all the wires are. Now my daughter gets very poor signal on her phone but she has a data point. I was wondering is their anything I can plug into the rj45 to boost the wifi signal in the bedroom? Most wifi boosters plug into plug sockets but it makes sense to me to use the data outlet which will have faster speeds. Any advice would be much appreciated
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Access point

That's the thing you need, a Wireless Access Point - if you can find one from the same brand as your broadband router then there is a good chance it is compatible and can advertise the same WiFi network in the areas its signal can reach.

I use a Draytek VigorAP 710 ( ) to match my router (Draytek 2862ac ) and I can move around the house without losing connection as the device moves from one signal range to the other.

Always worth checking the 2 devices are compatible though - I've seen some manufacturers who lack the sense to make them work together across their model ranges.
That’s what I am using a draytek one connected by a cat 5 in the garage also gives me extra lan ports down test dvrs and other devices
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I’ve just left mine at the draytek login
Then added it to my phone/ tablet you can also add a separate network as it broadcasts draytek A and B
More advance settings if you wanted a limited access on A
Does it need a 240 supply or does it literally just use the data cable?
It comes with a 9v psu and it can be powered by POE ....Mines just plugged in the garage
I have no power supply in the loft. Just a data point. I dont know why I just thought their would be a device I could just plug into the rj45 outlet which would extend the wi-fi signal
How does that work?

This uses a conventional ethernet cable (Cat 5 or 6 is fine) but requires power supplied down this cable.
To get this you need either a router that supplies this (it will be marked on the router with a P at the end of the name typically - but should be market as PoE on the label) or a mains powered adapter that takes a power feed from a mains plug, plugs in the regular ethernet cable 9 (this "injects" power to an outgoing ethernet socket) and has a female ethernet socket for you to plug in the network cable that feeds off to your extender.

It is a fairly simple device, needs one mains plug at the ethernet cables origin point and a second shortish ethernet cable to plug into your router.

If this is confusing, have a look at


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