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Win Live Mail Stuck Sending

Discussion in 'Software' started by securespark, 23 Apr 2016.

  1. securespark


    11 Jan 2004
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    United Kingdom

    I have searched for this issue but can't find any posts relating to it.

    I have the infamous Win 10 and am running Live Mail.

    Yesterday I sent an email to Mrs Secure but it seems to be stuck in the outbox. The issue is I cannot open Live Mail and delete it as when I click the icon to open the app, all I get is the Live Mail "sending" box with the green progress bar all the way over to the right. When clicking "details", I get "send two messages" with the status "executing".

    I have run Task Manager but there is nothing open...

    I have looked up the issue on the Win Forums and have tried a couple of the solutions to no avail.

    The first one got me searching the Outbox (C:Users\"Name"\Appdata\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail) but none of the files are accessible the second suggested me disconnecting from the internet in an attempt to bring up a delete icon for messages sending but this did nothing.

    I know I can delete LM if the worst comes to the worst but I'd rather try and fix it!

    Can anybody help?

    Muchly cheers!
    Can anybody help?

    EDIT: If it helps, the notification window pops up (when clicking the Live Mail icon in the desktop) even when the PC is disconnected from the router.
    Last edited: 23 Apr 2016
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  3. empip


    24 Sep 2005
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    United Kingdom
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