Can I Add Non Hotmail Email Addresses To Win. Live Mail?

15 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
I run my Hotmail a/c through Windows Live Mail.

Can I add the email that I have for enquiries on my web site ([email protected]), or is it only for hotmail accounts?

There is something called Windows Mail, do I need this instead? Would prefer to keep it simple and run both addresses through Live Mail if poss.
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Yes. You don't even need a hotmail account to use live.
Goto mail shortcut within live and add an email address, you will need to know your server and login details.
Thanks Nat.

How do I find shortcut to add email address?

Below the storage folders there is 'add an account'. Is this what I need?

On the box that then appears, it has a check box for 'manually configure server settings for email account'. I suppose this is what I need?
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Yes, that's the one. Follow the steps through to enter your pop mailbox details and password.