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22 Sep 2005
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Preston, Lancashire
United Kingdom
Ok So I use Outlook 2003 as my e-mail program. I have 2 accounts setup, a blueyonder one and a Hotmail one. Both run side by side so that I can receive e-mails from either e-mail address. I have set the blueyonder address as default in e-mail account settings and this has worked fine since day dot about 3 years ago.
Now a few weeks back, I get an e-mail from Microsoft saying that in order to continue using Hotmail with Outlook I need to update some files. I download and run the installation and all is well.
Now it seems that whenever I shutdown or restart, the Hotmail e-mail address is set as default, which means that when I send e-mails, it's from my Hotmail account.
Anyone any ideas how to permanently set my default e-mail account?
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Sounds like something is being run at startup or a reg key has been updated to set your hotmail as default. Check your startup folder first.
Thanks Eddie. There's nothing in the startup folder..... nothing showing using msconfig, and nothing using hijackthis. Probably one of those things that'll just get sorted in an update, but it's a bit annoying for the minute.
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