Windows 7 Setting screen.

27 Jan 2008
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Llanfair Caereinion, Nr Welshpool
United Kingdom
I have a Windows 7 PC and a Windows XP PC both connected to the same monitor and mouse with a switching device. If the set-up is switched to the Windows 7 PC on boot all is OK but if set to Windows XP PC or monitor turned off then monitor reports "Will not work in this mode" Works OK with other monitor is there something to stop the PC from booting with too high a resolution?
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Sounds to me as if you have XP set to a frequency or resolution unsupported by the monitor. Either that or the switch doesn't have a connection to "talk" to the PC telling it what the monitor supports, which might explain why it works when connected directly. Also possibly and / or the switch is faulty.

To be honest, Windows 7 is a lot "smarter" than XP and generally seems a lot less trouble to set up. I've been running it for 4 years now exclusively. I saw your other post about 7 / xp, but unless you really need XP for something I'd just bite the bullet and dump it. As you know I generally use open source software and part of the reason was that I was sick of stuff stopping working or being unsupported without paying more.

Good luck with getting it sorted.
When I had my AmigaOne and Wndows XP machine connected via KVM it all worked perfectly.

Have you installed the correct, latest drivers in XP ?
It would seem I have not explained well enough. XP works A1 it's Windows 7 which is causing the problem.

It seems it's too smart for it's own good. I tried to use it with the TV. On boot I get the splash screens at start up then nothing. Unless I run in safe mode then it works A1.

With my Vista machine I can go into Personalization, Display Settings and reduce the settings manually. I have tried to do same with Windows 7 but still on boot with TV as monitor starts OK with splash screen saying Widows 7 the Hz swap 60 to 75 then back to 60 on screen and it continues with 4 colours which then merge into the windows logo. Then blank screen and it stays that way. Hard power off as of course there is no screen to select close down and restart in save mode and screen works A1. Or transfer onto another monitor and screen works A1.

The DVD is faulty or I would attempt to boot off a live linux disk. Maybe it's possible to boot off a USB port and use a different operating system I want to use it to watch a host of films stored on hard drive which will not play on the Blue Ray player also unlike the Blue Ray player I can delete once watched.

Any ideas of a way to temporary use a different operating system would be good. Using USB as DVD will not open.
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What I want to do is set up remote desk top first then at least I can shut it down.

I get "The identity of remote computer cannot be verified. Do you want to connect anyway?" to which I click "Yes".

This brings up a blue screen with a red X and User Name or Password incorrect.

I type password to no avail so near yet so far.