New monitor has stopped my PC working with old monitor

10 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom
I have a PC which was working with XP Home. I tried replacing my old monitor with a new one (HANNS-G HL231DPB 1080P) and switched on. Nothing but a blue screen.
I then replaced the old monitor, but now THAT doesn't work.
What happens is:
1) The motherboard screen display shows for a few seconds, followed by the black-background XP screen, then the blue-background XP screen, at which stage the mouse can move the pointer, and then a dark blue screen with "Welcome". [So far, so normal.]
2) After a few seconds, the "Welcome" disappears, the pointer freezes and the screen turns pale blue.
3) Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del can sometimes cause the Task Manager to display, but after a short while the mouse pointer again freezes.
Although the catalyst to this problem was fitting new hardware, I am assuming that this is a software problem (issue/challenge), as the old monitor was working this morning.

Any suggestions? Oh, and Happy Christmas. :D
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It could be the resolution of the display is set incorrectly or a corrupt display driver.
Does the pc boot up and display ok in safe mode?.
It could be worthwhile checking this 1st (proves the graphics card or onboard graphics are ok) and maybe reinstalling or downloading and installing the latest drivers for your graphics card.

I've had this issue numerous times in the past & was down to corrupt drivers or a bad install of the newest drivers although a fried graphics card can display a similar fault.

See how you get on and post back.

Merry Xmas. :D

Thanks, Bolty, I'll try that.
I have eventually managed to get the PC to boot up in Safe Mode, using the old monitor, and have gone back to yesterday's Restore Point to eliminate whatever corruption had come in.

I'll check for updates to the graphics drivers before trying the new monitor again. At least now I can look at the manual for the new monitor (on a .pdf file on the CD, very handy for telling you how to install the beast.)

I'll post back when I either get it sorted or need to ask for more help - but it may not be for a little while as I have a chimney to climb down.
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Update - in case anyone chases this thread and it might help them.

Glad to report that the new monitor is now installed & working.

What was done before trying the new monitor again was to install DirectX 9.0 (as part of preparing to upgrade from XP to Windows 7 at some stage.)

This appears to have updated the drivers for my graphics card.

Presumably, the other route to updating would have been:
Start > Settings > Control Panel > System > Device Manager > Display Adapters (not "Monitors") >NVIDIA GeForce 8200 (in my case) > the Drivers tab > Update Driver

I've included this detail just in case someone else finds it less than obvious.

Happy New Year :D