Help please with PC problem(loading windows)

22 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom

I am using an old Packard Bell PC (2000) wired to Telewest Broadband, running ME Windows. (Also have Linksys router attached for wireless laptop)

I have been having problems with persistant crashes etc, and on advice from another site, downloaded the following, Ccleaner, Counterspy, I already have AVG, Sygate firewall & spybot running.

Using Counterspy, it apparently managed to find 200+ file problems which it has corrected.

All was OK for one day, and then yesterday, when I try & click on any of my icons, the computer freezes, & when I press CTRL, ALT & Del, to re-boot, windows wouldn't load. After many, many switch offs/on again, have finally managed to get my icons back, but the only one that appears to work is Mozilla Firefox. I can't even access 'my computer' or 'control panel'

When it freezes, I soft-boot & get a message stating that SMC & EXPLORER are not responding.

I also keep losing all the small icons that normally sit along the bottom of the screen.

Does anyone have any ideas? Also, when I could access the control panel, I went into add/remove programs, and tried to remove 'web rebate', but it won't let me, it says it will remove after a few mins, but nothing happens & it's still there?
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I used to use ME, it seemed worse than 3.1, 95 and 98. Everyone told me it was rubbish.

Eventually I migrated to XP.

I now agree, ME is rubbish. In the skip with it!
Easy for you to say!!

How do I upgrade to XP, will this solve my problem?

Thank you
You just buy a copy :rolleyes:

If I were you I would buy a new hard disk too. You can get one for less than £30. Then you can do a clean install and copy your data either from your back-up CDs (you did take backups, didn't you?) or from your old disk, by installing it as a slave later.

If you buy a new disk at the same time as windows XP, you should be able to buy the OEM version which is cheaper (costs £65 or so; full version costs about £180). I get my stuff from Novatech but there are other suppliers.

p.s. you have an old PC, don't spend more than £100 trying to improve it as you can buy a new barebones for £150
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Thanks for the info

Just don't understand how everything OK one day, but not the next, I was hoping just to be advised to remove everything I'd downloaded but sounds like that wouldn't work anyway.
With ME, one approach is to keep your data backups up to date, and from time to time reformat the disk, re-install Windows ME and all your apps, then reload the data.

ME is prone to going wrong.
Can you shut down & restart in MS-DOS?

How to ...

If so then, at the cursor, type scanreg /fix [note the gap before the "/"] and hit Return.

When it has finished rebuilding your registry exit (hit Return) to restart Windows.


As to the "web rebates" issue this is usually removed in the manner you have been trying, namely, using Add/Remove Programs. If you can't get rid of it that way, even after the above registry fix, we will have to try something else. It is important to remove that malware.

Post back and let us know how you get on.

Before you rush out and start buying XP and other new bits, please post your system specs, it may not be happy running xp.

Have you tried the basics like disabling startup programs? That bit about booting into dos isnt going to happen on ME, and cranreg/fix wont work from within windows.
I agree that ME was a flaw - so do m$.
Thanks all, have completely lost internet connection now (currently using laptop)

I looked at above link, and ran 'scanreg' but all I got was a message stating Registry has backed up already today, would you like to back it up again?

Unable to type in scanreg/restore

I was able to start up in safe mode & managed to access control panel, add/remove programmes, remove web rebate.

I never had a start-up disc, as my PC was ready loaded, all I have is that red one.

I checked my system info and this is what it tells me:

MS Windows, V 4.90.300
Intel Celeron 635 Mhz
Bios version 6WMM7V3.0C

Any more ideas?
Hi, still having major problems - only way of getting on-line is actually connecting my laptop to the router with a cable.

I finally managed to do a system restore on my desktop PC, hoping this may fix some problems, however, unable to get on-line at all. Unable to access e-mails too.

I have tried to reconnect the original cables via Broadband cable modem, no joy. When I then try to reconnect via an ethernet cable using Linksys, my desktop cannot find the correct software?(I am using a new USB lan connector)

My desktop PC will not reload the CD-Rom, it cannot locate the drive?

I figure as long as I can reload the software, I may be able to reconnect the router & get on-line

Please can anyone help?
IMHO, and I have seen plenty of ME machines, you are flogging a dead horse tying to repair it, especially if it as as bad as you suggest. Your best bet is to reload ME if you can or replace it with a better O/S.

What is the "red disk" that you have? Sometimes suppliers have a utility for creating recovery CDs from an image stored on a spare or hidden partition.
Hi, the red disk is a system restore disk which will take ALL my settings back to factory. Don't really want to do this as although I don't have a lot of files saved, I wouldn't know how to re-load ISP settings (Blueyonder), they sent someone around to install in the first place & I don't have a disc to set it all up again.

I only have a floppy disc drive & cd rom (NOT RW)

I also keep getting an error message stating 'unable to locate D drive'?

I need to reload a disc which will hopefully then enable me to plug in the USB (the cable to the router) - Is there a way I can load this onto my laptop & then transfer this to the desktop PC?
You could network your laptop via thr router to your ME machine, but I suspect the O/S may be too badly damaged.

Try the Blue Yonder website for help on settings. They should have left you a setup disk, but I guess you could phone and ask for one.

You could copy your files to floppy, if they are not too big. Winzip might help you here.

I would put it down to experience and reload the system.
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