5 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
Hello ,
i have a packard bell pc- windows me- and have now loaded windows xp. not enough ram(originally 64MB). so bought 512MB today and added.
the problem is i have restarted the pc but when i right click my computer and check the Ram in properties, it tells me i have 64MB.
if i check in windows task manager- PERFORMANCE PF USAGE ,it says 214MB,
Well if i have only 64MB of RAM why do i get 214MB usage on the task manager.
please someone advice!!!!!!!!confused
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The PF memory is the amount of virtual memory or page file in use.....what does task manager list for the 'Total' value for 'Physical Memory (K)' ? column on the right of the Performance tab.

Does the memory register properly in the computers BIOS or is it shown correctly at startup ?

Does the machine appear faster with the new memory ?
One diagnostic test you can do is to remove the 64MB RAM and leave just the 512MB in. See if the computer works with that. Also, try putting the 512MB in the slot that the 64MB comes out of.

I've found in the past that if you have two different banks of RAM which are incompatible, the computer will only recognise whichever is in the primary slot, and ignore the other.
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thanks guys,
just fount out that the pc is too old and will not recognise the 512. i thing i am stuck with a maximum of 128 as i have two 64 banks. what makes it worse is the fact that i have put xp on it.
work but takes about 8 minues to boot. i have shut down mant startup services. thanks for the replies
You may be able to use larger sticks. What is the model number of the PC/motherboard?