Failure to install Epson printer on Windows 7

16 Dec 2008
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United Kingdom
I upgraded my pc with Windows 7 from XP. I have since bought an Epson SX 415 all in one printer that has the Windows 7 sticker on the box, so presumably, it should install ok. However, even after downloading the Windows 7 drivers, I still cannot get the installation to be accepted. I used both the updated drivers and the original installation CD that came with the printer all to no avail. If anyone has any ideas that might solve this problem, I'd be grateful.
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Remove all the new installed drivers and unplug printer, switch off computer, plug in printer and switch computer on. The printer should be auto-detected, follow on screen instructions. Good luck.
Don't think it will work as Plug-and-play.

Did you download the drivers before installing the software?

Uninstall the drivers and uninstall the software. Look in Computer -> C: drive -> Program Files for any Epson Folder and delete it.

Reboot and then put the Epson software CD into the DVD Drive and run it.
Do not connect the printer until you are told to do so on the screen.

Once it is recognised and working, run Windows Update to check for driver updates.

use revo uninstaller to uninstall, gets rid of any registy bits causing problem.

read the instructions to see if the printer needs to be plugged in forst or during installation, some HP printers are a PIA to install if you plug it in first.
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H! Thanks to all who replied to my post. I tried all of the things you suggested, but just couldn't get Windows to recongnise my printer. The updated drivers that I downloaded from the Epson website wouldn't install either. After many hours of frustration, I re-installed Windows 7 and tried again to install and it worked! I had to install the Epson Scan feature first for some reason, then I installed the new printer driver and then installed the rest of the features from the CD that came with the printer. All ended well eventually! Didn't have that many programmes on before the re-install of Windows 7 so it was no big deal. It was better than wasting time doing something that obviously wasn't going to work. Thanks again for all the advice!
I have found with Windows 7 that it seems "reluctant" to install USB printers correctly. If, after a failed installation, you go into Device Manager, and expand the "Other" entry, you will find your device listed there. Right-click and click Update Driver. Point to the installation CD and the drivers should then be correctly installed and the printer appear in the Device and Printers folder.