windows ME


In my experience of Operating Systems (since 1982), ME has to be classed as one of the most unreliable.

It would be a good investment to purchase an external drive and back up all your data to it and perform a restore of your system. In fact, if the data is so important that you can't afford to lose it, you should be doing this anyway. External USB drives are not too expensive these days.

It may be possible to fix the ME installation, but again, in my experience, it can open a whole can of worms.
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Useful for ME ?
There is plenty more on this site for most Win OSs.
How about this in Win98se from <start> <run> type hwinfo /ui then run it .......this is a standard M$ prog with 98se maybe others? Nothing is on screen until the prog has completed then a list of info appears.
Important :!: Scroll to the end of document to find text colour coding key.

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