wiper/fan fault - renault megane



Car is Renault Megane 1.9DTI classic (Saloon) 1998.

The problem I have started with the windscreen wipers being very slow when switched on, I first thought the motor was on it's way out, since then the wipers have started running on there own when switched off, I have to turn them on and back off to stop this.

The problem also involves the heating fan as when I switch the heating fan on, the fan doesn't run , but the wipers start up.

any ideas, thanks.
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i had a similar problem on my friends.

The motors for both the wipers and the heater are located next to the battery.

To get at them remove the plastic cowling which goes around the drivers wiper mechanism (single screw then clips)

Then whip put the battery and there are 3 multiplug connectors.

Remove all 3, spray with WD40 then put back on.

This worked for me, give it a go!
thanks for that, i'll give it a go and let you know how i go on.
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