The mysterious windscreen wiper

18 Sep 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi all
I have a mercedes C220 with the single wiper arm. Often the rubber wiper blade seems to stick to the windscreen. It is almost like there is glue on the windscreen. I have cleaned the glass, first with soap and water and when that didn't help I used paint thinners and I have also tried methylated spirits.
I have also replaced the wiper blade. The strange thing is it does not always behave this way. Sometimes the wiper behaves quite normally for about 20 minutes then decides to stick to the windscreen again. The wiper motor is under tremendous strain as it drags the wiper blade slowly across the glass. The wiper arm itself is working correctly as it moves across the screen it also moves up and down. What could it be? Did mercedes put some kind of a film on the windscreen to make their weird single wiper slide across the glass? Could a car valet service have cleaned my car with something sticky?
What could I use to clean my screen?
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T Cut will probably remove any crap on the screen.
You sure the wiper is grabbing and it's not the wiper arm spindle starting to sieze up?
Thanks ^neo^,

It is definitely the wiper that's grabbing. If I lift the wiper and then switch on it works fine. Can you tell me more about T Cut. I have not heard of it.
Hi, do you park your car under any trees, sometime the sap from the trees fall onto the car and will give you the symptoms you have.
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No, its not tree sap. Like I said in my original post, I have been doing some serious windscreen cleaning. I wonder if anyone else with a single wiper mercedes has ever experienced this?
T Cut is a cutting polish which is usually used on paintwork, but works wonders at cleaning glass.
You can get a glass cutting polish too, but it's expensive for what it is.
no, they leave smudge marks on the glass.
If you look carefully you can see part of the tunnel entrance.
If you look closely at the cloud, I swear its a picture of a guy with a big chin and a quiff havin a good look... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
Next time it does it, switch off the engine to stop the wiper, get out and check if the wiper blade really is (or isn't) stuck to the screen.

Mechanism of single arm wiper needs frequent greasing and is not included in normal Mercedes service schedules. Make sure wiper mechanism works because it costs £800 to replace
Quote taken from
Wiper arms and the drive from the motor are usually connected via a splined tapered shaft with a nut on the top to pull down the arm onto the taper/spline to lock it in place. It might be an idea to check that the drive isnt being lost due to a worn spline/loose nut, though usually this will result in the wiper loosing its park position when stopped.
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