Wipers on Mitsubishi Space Star

11 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom

We have lived with wonky wipers but now they are driving me nuts.

I have to confess I have not yet got around to stripping down yet.

The driver's wiper used to slap the A pillar. Since adjustment, it now hits the bottom of the windscreen in the park position, but not just when parking, all the time they are on. The disadvantage of this is there is a big unswept patch in front of the driver now....

I know sometimes the linkages wear, but I'm wondering if this problem is more than that, because the splines on which the wiper arms are mounted move around when the wipers sweep the screen.

I'm just wondering whether to replace the whole damn lot from the motor to the linkages, splines, wiper arms, the lot!

The issue is, of course, finding parts that are less worn than yours are!

I've never encountered this before. Our FR-V has done 172K and the wipers are AOK.

The Mitsub has done around 91K but is 7 years older, December 2002.

What do you reckon?
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Does very much sound like worn linkages.

Won't be a 5 minute job and finding replacement might be tricky.

If you do find replacements could always strip them down and any loose bits repair one way or another by inserting machined sleeves or such like.
I was worried about it being a bit of a time rich job.....

I think I can find some bits on eBay.

And there appear to be clips and other bits and pieces to repair the mechanisms.

Never done this before, but prepared to give it a shot!
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I think the first thing you have to do is to stop those wiper spline boxes from flapping about......the chances are that you'll never be able to sort things if you don't as the wipers may sweep the bonnet and A pillar.
The rest of the linkages will have ball joints or other sorts of swivel - if they are nylon then ebay replacements may be available. Grease them with white grease if you get the chance!
John :)