wireless Thermostat placement

7 Jul 2008
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Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom
When i had my boiler changed and TRV put on the radidators the plumber who did the work left the radidator by the front door (bottom of the stairs) as the one without a TRV, and mounted the thermostat at the bottom of the stairs.

However this is only a small area though is subject to draughts from the front door. Would it be better for the thermostat to be moved to the main living room which is the biggest room in the house and mounted on the wall opersite the radidator however this rooms radidator does have a TRV though normally the max the heating is set to is 21c.
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Fitting a room stat in a hall is a very old fashioned idea and goes back to the early stat designs.

Now they control the temperature more accurately most up to date installers think they are better in the living room where most time is spent.

If you move it there either set the TRV to max or remove the head.

Get yourself and CM921 or CM927 from Honeywell.

Find the best spot for it. If there is a TRV nearby, crank the bugger up to a few degrees more than the stat.

Happy days.

Even better, depending on your boiler - weather compensate it.

God I sound like Alec now :LOL:
Get yourself and CM921 or CM927 from Honeywell.

Hang on, you have only just said that these cycle the boiler and are not suitable for the nice modern new boiler that he has just had fitted with purging delays, anti fire delays and extended ramp ups!
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I think you'll find I put an "in theory" caveat in there.

Experience has shown it isn't really noticeable. But we all (should) know that fully modulating is better.

Why not embolden the CM921 too?

BTW - how did we do on your friend's religion?
You had only discussed the CM 927 !

There are very few fully modulating room stats. Thats a pity because they must be virtually as good as ( or better ??? ) than Alec's outdoor sensor.

I made a mistake with my friend's photo by leaving his name in its properties. It must have been late when I posted it and I could have been tired!

He was chosen because he was neither catholic or protestant.

:LOL: :LOL: You have to get up early in the morning to catch us out... But I seem to remember part of the discussion including names? Still that is for the the place.

the CM921 and 927 are fundamentally the same thing. A little software tweak and two extra buttons and there you have it.

If you look carefully through the manuals for them (in the DB and CCR) then you'll see some tantalising features that we probably never get to play with.

All hint towards full modulation.

Still looking for a suitable test subject for my CM937. Waiting for my brother's TurboMax to die :(

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