Wiring a Drayton Digistat +3

Discussion in 'Plumbing and Central Heating' started by timt, 15 Nov 2021.

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    15 Nov 2021
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    Hi all,

    I installed a Drayton Digistat +3 room thermostat in March and everything was working fine until recently and now it has started being temperamental i.e. this morning it did not turn the heating on until I adjusted the thermostat down then back up again.

    There does not seem to be anywhere for the earth to be wired into and I was unsure whether the blue wire should be connected...

    Any help you can give me would be great, I did call a plumber/electrician recently but he refused to look at it and was only interested in selling me a Nest system.

    Thanks in advance.

    20210206_133437.jpg 20210206_133513.jpg 20211115_092948.jpg
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  3. stem


    20 Jul 2005
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    United Kingdom
    If it's been working OK since March, then the wiring is likely OK too, which looking at your before and after photos as it has been transferred from the RTS1 to the Drayton, it is. [If I were being pedantic the red and yellow wires are the wrong way around. Red should be in 'C' (Common) and yellow 'on' but there's no need to change them it's only an on/off switch and will work either way around]

    Actually the earth wasn't electrically connected to anything before at the RTS1 thermostat in your photo, it was just secured / parked out of the way. The earth wire is there for a safety connection when metal appliances are fitted and has no effect on a device's operation. The Drayton doesn't need an earth connection either.

    As the Drayton is battery operated & not 230V, the unused neutral is correct too.

    Assuming that the thermostat batteries are healthy, often the problem you describe is because of whatever the thermostat is connected to at the other end is not responding properly, particularly if it's a motorised valve, if yours is the type of system that has one.
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