wirless bridge for alarm system?

16 May 2010
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United Kingdom
I'm still struggling to put together a specification/parts list for my impending new home installation. One issue I'm trying to get my head around is the interface between wireless and wired devices.

I have a detached garage and 2 sheds which I need to protect. Ideally I'd like multiple sensors in each sense, PIR and door contacts. I can't justify the cost of all wireless sensors, yet don't really want the hassle of running alarm cable up the garden. Is there a bridge device that would allow wired devices (PIR and door contacts) to report wirelessly to the main alarm system? Could such a device be incorporated into a sensor/contact, thus reducing the item count?

Which manufacturers would I need to look at for this - I'm guessing that wireless systems are not cross compatible (i.e Texecom and Visonic)??
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You're looking for a hybrid panel. Ie. Something that can support wired and wireless zones. I use the Honeywell Galaxy for this. You can add an RF portal to the G2 series and this adds wireless device capability. You then have a system that will support wired and wireless devices.

I haven't seen any wired sensors that act as bridges to other wireless sensors. You do get wireless devices which have wired zone inputs though.

Most decent panels are configurable to add wireless capability these days.
okay, I don't think I was quite clear enough..

My specification will be for a hybrid system, as there's a few sensor locations in the house it'll be a pain to wire discretely.

The issue is for the outbuildings, for example the garage, where I'd want a PIR and 2 door contacts. for a fully wireless system that would be 3 wireless devices. Is there a device that would connect to a conventional PIR and conventional door contacts that would then broadcast the state/alarm condition of these devices back to the main control panel?
Not integrated on the Galaxy. Think it's is called wireless I/O expansion.

I think Scantronic support or used to support this. There's a panel based module and then external RF modules (with wired zones) are placed in outbuildings Etc.

Someone else may be able to expand. I only really deal with Honeywell.
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Okay if I understand this correctly.

you want a conventional pir but rather than wire it back to the panel you want it to communicate wirelessly back to the panel and you don't currently have any alarm system.

conventional pir needs a 12V power source, it would probably be more expensive to wire in a local 12V supply then add a wireless device to relay the signal back to the panel. Than just putting in a wireless device.

How many detectors (pirs and door contacts) do you need, and whilst I don't advocate using Yale wireless, this may be the cheaper option for you.

If you buy say a wireless panel kit, the units come with some devices already and as part of a kit its discounted.

You could by 1 kit get everything up and running, buy a second kit, sell the parts you don't need separately, and utilise the bits you do need from the kit.

should be able to do it cheaper, but need to look how feasible that is to be fair.
How many detectors (pirs and door contacts) do you need, and whilst I don't advocate using Yale wireless, this may be the cheaper option for you.

Okay, here's my shopping list for sensors:

  • Front door contact - near to the intended location of the control panel - could be wired with a bit of work, especially if the control panel is wired.
    Front windows contact - a pair on a double window, wireless (one or both?)
    Front room PIR - wireless, not really near anything I can hide wires in
    Back room PIR - Wired as its under the cupboard in which I'd put the control box
    Back door and adjacent window - 2 contacts close to each other but far from everything else - wireless one or both?
    Conservatory door contact - wireless again -
    Conservatory PIR ? Maybe -I hear PIR in a conservatory can be a headache, esp as we have a cat, would probably need to be wireless to face away from the garden
    Garage PIR & 2 door contacts -detached from house, wireless one or all?
    Shed 1 PIR and door contact - as above really
    Shed 2 PIR and door contact - ditto
    Side gate contact - weatherproof and also wireless, though could be wired into the garage subsystem if feasable.

Breakbeam type devices were discussed in a previous post, and assuming they're wired, would be driven from the garage rather than the house. These would probably feature as a later expansion due to some work in the garden that we're planning.

I've not allowed for break-glass sensors as the house is fully double glazed and I feel the racket made breaking and removing a window (they're not huge either) would be counterproductive for any burglars. I may put one in the garage as there is a small window there (single pane) but I'm tempted to get rid of it totally as it serves no purpose, other than to let in light and thieves.

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