worcester 24i junior, fitting room thermostat

5 Sep 2007
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United Kingdom

My mum has a worcester 24i junior combi boiler installed but no room thermostat.

Can I buy and fit any type of room thermostat or does this system require a certain type.

The heating controls are located on the boiler just now and can be programmed but my mum would like to control it without having to continually go to the boiler.

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Should be able to for anything you like to it, but removing and refitting the casing to get to the electrics is an RGI-only job on this boiler
I'm sure I have the skills to remove the casing an access the electrics as I've done it before to wire it up for power.

I'm planning on fitting this model: http://www.screwfix.com/p/drayton-rts8-room-thermostat/46637#product_additional_details_container

It say it's 2 or 3 wire installation, what does this mean? Does this mean I don't need 4 or 5 core wire?

I read this previous post is this the same install I do?
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You really do have to wonder about some people! If you can't count what chance do you have of removing and replacing the case safely and carrying out all the required safety and combustion checks once finished?

It still amazes me how people can be so blasé about the safety, integrity and maintenance of one of the most often used, most expensive and most dangerous appliances in their home.

OP, your mother gave birth to you, nurtured you, taught you and made sure you were clothed, fed and watered. She gave the best years of her life to make sure that you grew to be the man that you are today. Why not show her how much she means to you by paying to have the job done properly and safely!! After all, she spent a small fortune to ensure your well being!

Thanks for both the helpful and not so helpful advice.

The reason I ask about the cable is that I've read a few posts where using 4 or 5 core can be beneficial in case of future upgrades and flexibility.

This is a diy forum too so it would be great to get some actual help and advice.
This is a diy forum too so it would be great to get some actual help and advice.

I think you will find that all the advice has been very helpful.

You are quite correct in the fact that this is a DIY site. Unfortunately you have asked a question which does not have a DIY answer as you do not hold the knowledge, qualifications or required tools and equipment to carry out the work required.

It seems that every day people do not appreciate that DIY gas work will not be condoned, helped out with or otherwise promoted on this site. If you feel that it is "unhelpful" advice for us to say that you should not be endangering your dear old mothers life then I think you should reassess your priorities.

If you believe that we should hand out advice on how to play with gas and the combustion properties of an appliance than you are sadly deluded. Take the helpful and good intentioned advice that you have received and do not do it yourself and call in an RGI who can perform all of the tests properly. That is the best and only advice you will receive regarding gas works on this site.

As for the cable then stick as many cores in as you see fit for the upgrades that you have planned. Maybe consider more than one cable to hard wire in a 5hit load of CO detectors and smoke alarms seeing as you will not heed the above advice so the more safety devices you have present then the more chance your old dear has of survival.


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