worcester bosch digital receiver & rf thermostat problem

4 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
I have a worcester bosch 30cdi boiler fitted with a dt20rf programmer & digistat. it is 18 months old and recently has developed a fault where the receiver & rf stat seem to lose communication and the heating shuts down. i can reset it by removing the batteries from the stat, reinserting them and then resetting the receiver. is the fault in the stat or the receiver? do they have to be replaced as a pair? thanks for your help.
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has the digistat been dropped? are the batteries ok?? have you got the instructions?
no stat has not been dropped. i've tried two sets of new batteries and still get the same problem. i do have the instruction book and have tried the 'learn' function a couple of times to reset the communication between the stat and receiver, each time it resets ok. the fault seems completely random, sometimes it will not happen for days and sometimes it appears two or three times in one day.
Have you had any joy in fixing this prob, as i'm having the idendentical issue's as yourself. It would be good to find out some info before I shell out £100 on a new rec/thermostat.
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have done some searching on google and found lots of people with the same problem. the one thing that keeps coming up as a cause is wireless internet interefence. i've got a wireless router in the house and have recently bought a new laptop that is used in close proximity to the t/stat. when the laptop is in use the fault does occur, but not all the time. i've moved the t/stat closer to the boiler and away from the laptop and router and as yet the fault has not re occured. fingers crossed that this may be the solution.

I appear to have exactely the same issue but although I do have and use wireless in the house, nothing has changed in the last 18 months so I don't know why this has only just started. The thermostat is only placed about 2 metres from the boiler although it is through 2 plasterboard wall this should be fine.

I don't have instructions but can you tell me how to change the batteries as I can't seem to get into them. Also how do I get the boiler into "learn" mode? Can you give me instructions on what to do also when in this learn mode?

Thanks very much in advance
manufactures of these units blame everything from "Thick walls" to mirrors. Also wireless doorbells and wireless routers are also blamed. thought they would have sussed this before manufacture.
Older versions of these stats are known to suffer from communication faults. If they don't solve themselves the only cure is replacement, about £100 for the part and a 2 min job easily DIY.

I don't have instructions but can you tell me how to change the batteries as I can't seem to get into them. Also how do I get the boiler into "learn" mode?

Remove batteries from transmitter (stat). If it is the square one there is 2 sets of batteries (slide down from the bottom) newer shaped one bottom right side you will see a small notch, flick it out with a coin or knife.

Go to boiler and on receiver press set button 4 times then OK button. Press set button another 4 times then the + button. It should now display Lrn on.

Go back to stat and if it is the square one slide up right side batteries first them left ones. Shaped newer model just put the batteries in (the right way round).

Go back to the boiler and the display should be showing the time and the antenna symbol is no longer flashing.

Signal is now re established.
If the boiler is under 2 years old call Worcester out, they will replace the RF stat under warranty.
if we are refering to the nig day room thermostats do your self a favour and rip the boody things of the wall and get your gas man to fit an acl exteral receiver and wireless roo stat

as a very experienced gas man ive spent hours trying to recomunicate these things when you speak to wb they will swear blind they dont have problems with these things and proberly make out as if your the one at fualt ive been there and done it all REMOVE WB version and put a better one is ultimate solution to this
I also am having a problem with the wireless stat and programmer.

When mine lose communication, the central heating led flashes green and the 'CH' and antenae symbols on the programmer flash. Is this the same with anyone else's?

I have spoken to worcester bosch technical (contradiction in terms) who can't seem diagnose the problem, just suggest changing the batteries.

The communication symbol on the stat itself seems to be constant, and the low battery light isn't showing, so I'm not convinced?

As with some of the other postings, it has only just started to happen after 12 months or so, and is intermittent.

I have a wireless router, but that's been there since the boiler was fitted.

+1 to having the same problem as sparkykink posted in June. Has anyone come up with a definite answer to this, other than go wired?

Is it definitely wireless router related (mine is close)?
Is it just rubbish equipment related?

Mine has only been installed for 4 months and until now had only done it the once a month or so ago, but it has now done it the last 3 nights. It is NOT battery related as I changed those last night but it did it again overnight.

Hello again,
Has anyone come up with a solution for this?
My stat now seems to lose communication, but then re-connects when the test scan (red flashing led on boiler) occurs about every 5 minutes or so.
I've changed the batteries to no avail.
Very odd?
A little advice needed again please if possible?
Does anyone know if you can replace the RF stat with a hard wired version, whilst still keeping the programmer.

+1 to that question!

I've been doing some testing around this issue over the last few weeks, and decided it must just be rubbish kit. I say this because (as reported before) I started getting the issue a lot a while back, I made a few (minor) changes to the setup and the problems went away. I have subsequently gone back to the original setup and the problem hasn't reoccurred.

As for what I changed - The boiler is in my kitchen surrounded by a false 'cupboard', it has sides and a cupboard door basically matching the rest of the kitchen cupboards. All I did was permanently leave the door open and pull down the plastic flap covering the controls! My thinking being that was more stuff for the RF signal to go through.


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