Worcester Bosch R28 HE Flashing EA Error

22 Sep 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi, I had this boiler installed in late 2005 and on the whole has been great. Regularly serviced. Recently, encountered a Flashing EA error which I read seems to be a number of things, all of somw which I have checked. Each time it occurs, I reset and it works for say an another hour or so or more, then trips again. As this has been happening now for a couple of weekes, I have had BG come in a few times and they changed the ignition electrodes and then the heat exchanger and checked the other things. Still same issue.
Reason for this post is there is a distinct pattern when the issue happens. Every morning it trips around 7:30am. CH &HW. I reset it and it will trip again later, a number of times. However, its works flawlessly at the weekends. Not just 1 weekend, but every weekend - I can count atleast 5 consecutive weekends where its works fine, including this weekend. Come Monday, I can guarantee it will trip as it has been doing so for the last few weeks.
Because of this pattern, I'm thinking could it be the PCB and wanted to get some thoughts if that seems a probable cause.
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It may be worth you asking your gas supplier to check the meter governor, very rarely they have been known to "stick" on first use in the mornings.
After that I'd be looking at doing some tests on the boiler.
Thanks for the reply. Will look into this.
Got hold an a 2nd PCB complete with the dials and everything which I'll swap out as the connectors are spade / slide on. It the whole front panel. Job for next week as want to see how the weekend goes again.

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednessay this week so far, it tripped out in the morning. Then again a few times in the evening when the heating comes on around 3pm. Just today, I've switched the date/time on the programmer to make the boiler think its Sat 22nd Nov. Working so far, will see on Thurday morning it it trips.
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When you say trips, are you still referring to the EA code, or is it tipping the electrics?
By trips, I mean the EA code. What's makes it so strange is that M-F it's always trips, yet weekends its fine even if on all day. Been like this over a few weekends as did think the weather might have something to do with it. Process of elimination i guess. Have check condensation pipe (ours is internal into soil stack). Flue is not blocked either.


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It may be worth you asking your gas supplier to check the meter governor, very rarely they have been known to "stick" on first use in the mornings.
After that I'd be looking at doing some tests on the boiler.
Boiler comes on around at 5:30am for HW, CH around 6am. Works fine till around 7:15-7:45am when boiler throws the 'EA'
BG visiting 24th to quote for new boiler. Will ask about meter governor.
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Anything happen at that time that could be linked to it?
Only that the wife unplug her hybrid car around 7:00am.When she leaves, boilers fine. It will flash EA in the evening sometime, with or without the car being plugged in.
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I recently had this exact problem with a customers CDi.
Random EA lockouts.
Fortunately they live nearby, and were willing to leave a key for me.
After ruling out the usual suspects, I changed the gas valve, it hasn't missed a beat since.
You will need a gas bod to fit and set up new GV.
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Boiler still showing EA after being on for around 2hrs every morning this week. In the afternoon/ evening had to reset around 10 times most days before it stayed on. Could see the boiler trying to ignite a few times before giving the EA error. BG coming next week for service and mentioned checking gas valve. Also noticed flue is broken - inner part slides out - I slid it back in


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Inner flue will give you combustion related issues - EA being one of them
Stop messing about with it and do not even think about BG they are useless, get Worcester out on a fixed price repair, they will sort it and you will get a guarentee with it
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