Worth updating to XP SP3

6 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
What's the general consensus on upgrading XP Pro SP2 to SP3. Heard SP3 presented some probs but that was ages ago. Any views?
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I look at it this way:
A company like Microsoft don't spend $millions writing up and distributing a Service Pack to improve operation and security to your system, then give it away FREE for no reason.

If you click on updates to download it, it will scan your system first and then only download and install the relevant bits of SP3.
What was happening to some when it was first released was that people may have had other MS programs installed previously and then uninstalled them but traces were left behind and when the Updater scanned their computers, it thought the program was still installed and sent down the SP3 bits for it but could not install and connect.

You should not have any problems with it now, I have not seen ant reports of problems recently. And it is for your security too!

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