Zanussi growling!

24 Jul 2003
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United Kingdom
Washer-Dryer 1265, 4 or 6 or so years old. It's working OK, but in the wash phase it makes a growling noise like it's all rather difficult for it. The noise starts and stops exactly with the motor/drum as it stops starts and reverses so I'm assuming it's the motor or the drum bearings.

No noises at other speeds.
Does that tell anyone enough for it to be a high probablility of being a particular bit, in which case I'll buy it pre-emptively ?
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un plug m/c take drive belt off and spin drum by hand.

if its not noisey its motor, if it is, there sounds like you have a coin stuck between inner and outer drums, although it could be bearings but i dout it (makes differnt noise than you have described)
my integrated zanussi jet system 1200 makes a horrendous growling noise during the wash. i know what it is and i can't be bothered to fix it. (you know what they say about a mechanic having the worst maintained car). in my case it's the washer. the noise i've got is the jet system circulation pump. i'll just wait til it packs up. however if your machine is free standing and it's your pump also, then it's easily replaced.
jet system circulation pump

Well I'm blowed, I didn't know it had one. Thanks. Can mere plumbers get manuals for these things?
During the wash while the drum is toing and froing gently, does the jetsystem pump stop for the second or so between rotating? My noise does.

And can I come use your shower, mine hasn't worked for months....!
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It's getting louder!
But it does it during the spin cycle (including while the drum's stopped). The drain pump would be on then, but would the jet sytem pump too?

I see service manuals aren't available. It's a machine where the sides split halfway back. I assume I'd have to tip it forwards and take the back and two half sides off to get at whatever it is?

The noise is a bit like an electric concrete mixer!

WJS 1265 W
Type P6247670
Prod 914602005/00
Ser 10800141

My email address is in my profile and I use can use paypal if someone has a manual they can email.. Or if you need help with your boiler...
Unplug it, disconnect the water supply and lay it on its back.
You'll be able to see the two pumps and how the plastic clips go through the base to hold them in place.
Both pump motors can be replaced using the reasonably cheap Askol pumps.
Three screws hold the motor to the pump body. You may have to change the electrical connectors, again an easy task.
Reassembly is simple, just make notes of how you get it apart and be careful not to break anything.

Unplug your appliance before working on it.
Thanks for that. A few inquiries have produced a wide range of replies, and prices.
I've been told that the recirc pump is
"the same but has smaller blades"
"is different"
"lower power but you can use the same one"
I suppose all of those could be true..

I thought drain pumps on condensing dryers had to be better (continuously rated) than on washers, because they run all the time on drying. Is that untrue, or out of date, or still true - hence the early demise of the pumps they do use!
No idea about the difference in the pumps, I've always replaced with Askoll.
The drain pump doesn't run all the time on dryers. It kicks in at regular intervals for short periods.

Unplug your appliance before working on it.

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