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    Bond Loc Solvent pipe cement

    This is the new formula stuff? Yes the brush always falls off!!
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    Bond Loc Solvent pipe cement

    I'm not allergic to Fibreglass though. Just need to conduct this little survey and would appreciate any replies from people who have used the new formula toolstation pipe cement. Cheers.
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    Bond Loc Solvent pipe cement

    Hi Guys I'm posting here to check to see if anybody has used Toolstation Bond Loc pipe cement and has had an adverse reaction when it comes in contact with your Skin? Bond Loc recently brought out a new formula pipe cement which doesn't smell anything like any conventional pipe cement I...
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    Should we bother with tanking in bathroom, advice please

    Tank the lot with a membrane- Kerdi or homelux. Paint on Tanking is old hat and it slows the job down a lot.
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    Need to raise screed by 15 mm in wet-room

    I agree, something like 12mm Aquapanel glued to the floor, the fun bit will be gluing it to your sloped area. Maybe cut triangular sections to form your sloped area, fill gaps with rapidest flexy.
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    Need to raise screed by 15 mm in wet-room

    Tile it twice.
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    Which colour grout ????

    White epoxy
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    Sealing a shower cubicle

    Another thing a lot of people miss is that the tray to tile joint should be sealed before fitting enclosure, not necessarily the whole lot, just where the wall profiles sit. As mentioned, a shower should be sealed right down both wall profiles and bottom profile on the OUTSIDE and I often...
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    Tiling on eneven bathroom walls

    If the plaster comes off well then tile straight onto your Sand/cement render, it's a good surface to tile onto but as mentioned, check the weight of your tiles. If the room is half tiled in places, cut the plaster with a stanley Knife. I would steam that old plaster, it'll pop straight off.
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    Tiling on plywood - do i need noggins?

    OK, quick are removing the old 15/16mm floorboard which run under your partition wall and you want to replace with 25mm ply? How is the 25mm ply going to fit under your stud wall and how will you be supporting your stud wall whilst this work goes ahead? Oh yeah, you mention...
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    Tiling on plywood - do i need noggins?

    Can't you replace the rotten boards? even if they go under your wall, just replace one at a time to maintain support for your wall. I rip up a lot of floors and stud walls not on joists is commonplace. a few noggins sounds sensible if you go that route but your replacement flooring will...
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    Tiling on plywood - do i need noggins?

    For the amount of hassle you are going to be up against, I would lay a vinyl floor such as karndean or Amtico. They are better suited to bathrooms in any case.
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    Tiling on plywood - do i need noggins?

    Glue and Screw Aquapanel to your existing floor. Use a rapidset flexy adhesive for gluing, 6mm trowel. Use the Glass fibre tape on joints, apply with more RS flexy. This will give the same rigidity as 18mm ply overlay. Knauf Aquapanel can be bought in Wickes. I have done a lot of...
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    Cladding bathroom!

    As I said, don't give up the day job.....
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    wet room question onto tuff2 former

    Manufacturers instructions recommend a flexible tile adhesive.