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    How to build fence without wrecking driveway?

    We'd like to build a 1m tall fence in our front garden. But part of the garden runs along-side our neighbour's mono-block driveway. I've previously planted border plants on that bit, and I know that the developers (new build estate) have put quite a lot of concrete under the grass which seems to...
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    Resetting Honeywell G2-20

    We have one of these alarms fitted in our house (new build), but the zones are set up wrong and we don't have the engineer code. Alarm company are refusing to help without taking out an expensive subscription. Is it worth trying to reset the whole system to factory settings and setting it up...
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    Add new sensor to Honeywell G2-20

    We have a Honeywell Galaxy G2-20 alarm fitted. The main control box is in our garage. We've recently converted the garage and would like to fit a new door sensor to the PVC door. Is this a job I can DIY, or do we need to call someone in?
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    How to add water pressure to this boiler? (with pics)

    I'm trying to bleed a radiator, but the air is trickling out far too slowly, so maybe I need to add pressure to the system? The system is 2 years old, in a new-build house. I used to have a combi boiler with two taps underneath, very easy to add pressure - but I don't know how to do it with...
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    What's wrong with my boiler?

    I had that in our old house with a combi boiler. Haven't seen anything like that this time, but I'll look again. Thanks :)
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    Charging car battery on laminate work top.

    Reminds me of when I got a new car battery delivered. When the courier handed it over to me, the bottom of the box was soaking wet. I assumed he had put it down on the ground outside as it was raining... I instantly regretted grabbing the box! Turns out the battery had been dropped and I had...
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    What's wrong with my boiler?

    We have a boiler in the garage with a hot water storage tank in an upstairs cupboard. New build house, so the system is only 2 years old and has never been bled before. A couple of our radiators weren't heating up properly so I bled all the radiators in the house (let them get hot, turned...
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    Installing new radiator

    Thanks. Would you expect it to take a full day to do that?
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    Installing new radiator

    Does anyone know how much time/money we should expect to pay for labour for installing a new radiator? It's in a converted garage in a new-build house. Through the wall from the hallway which has a radiator already. The radiators use plastic/flexible pipes which feed into the wall. I've only...
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    Cost for bricking up garage door?

    Does anyone know approx. how much we should pay for bricking up a 7x7 integral garage door with two glass side panels and a central PVC door? Near Glasgow if it makes a difference.
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    How to... concrete?

    The edge of our concrete garage floor where it exits the garage has a 15cm sloped section, to help water run away from the door. We're replacing the door with a PVC French door and I need to straighten up the sloped bit. My only concrete experience is pouring it into a hole to support the...
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    Is this right for fitting French doors? (mega high-res graphic included!)

    We're replacing our garage door with French doors (two side panels, two doors). This is our current setup: The frame of the garage door is fixed to the inside garage walls. We want the French doors to fit closer to the front of the house, not deep set like the garage door. So in this case...
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    UPVC French doors on a slope

    Thanks :) Will the bottom sill of the French doors sit OK on the slope? Or do I need to somehow raise/flatten the slope?
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    UPVC French doors on a slope

    I'm replacing our garage door with UPVC French doors. The bit under the doors is concrete (the edge of the garage floor) and has a slope to let water run away to a drainage channel in the driveway. So it slopes down away from the garage. The slope is only about 15cm wide, but this is the exact...
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    How many fixing points for stud wall top plate?

    I'm building a 2.6m stud wall with a door. Is it enough to fix the top plate with one fixing at each end and one in the middle? So they'll be about 120cm apart. I might put shelves up on the wall so it will need to take some weight, but nothing massive.