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    Potterton Gold ,hot water problem

    Dont blame the boiler its because there probably not enough inhibitor and the fact your refilling it....sort the leak out first the buy new he or thoroughly clean old one out refit add x100 in it see how it goes....need to sort leak out first or your going in circles.
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    fridge thermostat

    Er2940b elecrolux....removed the thermostat its a k61-L2505.
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    fridge thermostat

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    fridge thermostat

    Hi having problem with a my fridge freezer trying to change the thermostat on the electrolux fridge and having problems with getting the part...its a ranco k61 thermostat but unable to find it anywhere, its a 3 pin stat with pins 3, 4 and 2....can anyone help me finding alternative which will...
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    Choice of new boiler

    Ideal hope their nothing like isar boilers....
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    Glow-worm 30cxi Hot water intermittent

    You need go clean it will get worse.
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    30 cxi glowork boiler

    Probably relay on pcb had packed up....since your boiler was working when cold and not working when warm was thinking thermistor might have packed in but obviously if the thermistor checked out ok then the last resort would be pcb....glad its sorted
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    Ideal ICOS HE15 flashing '-' and burner

    Not sure if this boiler has micro switches or not if it does check if they operate correctly.
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    99 Problems and a TRV is one...!

    I got 99 problems but b#tch aint one. :mrgreen:
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    Ideal Isar HE24 always heating

    Pipes look back to front.
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    potterson gold 28he or gloworm flexicomm 30cx

    Not difficult question really both are combi so I must be looking for a combi boiler...current Iisar is on its way out so looking at both of these boiler which is reliable out of the 2.
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    Biasi Boiler LCD display

    On pcb check fuses there maybe 2 or 3 fuses....check with meter on diode setting should bleep or go on ohms should get low resistance reading if it stays o/l knackard fuses....
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    Biasi Boiler LCD display

    More info needed....model etc.
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    potterson gold 28he or gloworm flexicomm 30cx

    Great reply...very informative.
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    30 cxi glowork boiler

    Loose connection have you had it open and forgot to reconnect wires....if not since its ok when cold then check thermistors around 10k ohms at 25 degrees....then as temp goes up the resistance goes you ch ok no warning lights all rads heat up....