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    Mira vision/platinum performance

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice regarding my recently installed mira vision dual HP on worcester greenstar 38cdi. Having moved from a vented system and mira event xs power shower maybe I'm expecting a little too much from a digital mixer shower. The flow from each head individually is...
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    combi boiler hot water pressure

    I recently changed my vented system to a combi boiler worcester greenstar 38cdi. Most of my taps have good hot water pressure but some do not ? Mainly the bath filler and the shower although both not from the same supply Ive been looking for a common link to why but unable to find anything...
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    Carronite Baths

    Are Carronite baths worth the extra costs. I'm about to replace my bathroom which as been great quality and lasted since the build of the house circa late 80's hence needs updating. The current fixtures are ideal standard branded and have stood the test of time well. I've looked at ideal...
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    Mira Excel or Platinum ?

    Come across another digital model from Mira called Mira Vision, Specs look the same as the platinum but I prefer the control on the Vision but which is the newer model ?
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    CCTV System (questions)

    I'm looking to do the same but can these ip cams be set to record to a NAS like the more expensive Ycam. Having already 2 NAS drives running I don't really want to purchase a DVR
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    Mira Excel or Platinum ?

    Any chance of a picture how you got installed in the loft. I want to protect the unit from frost but leave enough ventilation for the unit not to run too hot either ?
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    Mira Excel or Platinum ?

    Have you done many ceiling fed fitted in vented loft space as I'm worried about potential frost damage
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    power shower, manual / thermostatic.?

    More than happy with 12 years service from my Mira Event XS. Thermostatic version works very well only had to fit a solenoid in all that time not even had motor brushes. Recommended
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    Mira Excel or Platinum ?

    I'm about to replace my power shower due to having combi boiler fitted. Worcester Greenstar cdi 38 but my water pressure isn't that great hence I'm looking for my best mixer option having been used to the brilliant Mira Event XS power shower. A couple of questions for owners & plumbers who...
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    Bell box change

    Thanks guys now working with the following T=GW B=OW STB= BL V+ =O V- =G Link T top to V- Move GW & OW from tamper in panel to SCB. Put link pin back into tamper.
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    Bell box change

    In the panel the tamper is GW & OW So I wired up the following but got no response from bell box T= GW T = OW Bell = Blue STB = V+ = Orange V - = Green J4 is set NEG J5 is set APPLIED Box is dead. When I set jumper to battery comfort led blink back and too for a few seconds...
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    Bell box change

    I offered to replace my dads bell box thinking it would be a simple task but its turned into a saga. I removed a Honeywell AG6 With following wiring set up TR= GW S = OW V+= Orange V- = Green ST = Blue I'm trying to fit a plextronics Delta bell with following terminal T=...
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    Neff oven tripping RCD

    Update Top oven all works okay. Bottom oven will work on just fan but trips straight away when heat selected. Removed bottom oven element and still trips when heat selected I'm not sure if this has ruled out the element being faulty or not ? The element has continuity and resistance...