Mira vision/platinum performance

22 Feb 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi, I'm looking for some advice regarding my recently installed mira vision dual HP on worcester greenstar 38cdi.

Having moved from a vented system and mira event xs power shower maybe I'm expecting a little too much from a digital mixer shower.

The flow from each head individually is exceptable but by no means powerful but when both heads are on at the same time is very poor from both heads.

I'm looking to improve this if possible and the first thing I want iron out is the remaining pipe work from the old vented system.

The hot water leaves the combi as 15mm but the changes to 22mm where the old hot water tank used to be. It then goes up into the loft at 22mm but the changes back to around 8ft of 15mm supplying the ceiling fed mira digital.

Would this change is pipe diameter effect the shower in any way and would it make things better or worse if I was to remove the 22mm section of pipe to make it 15mm all the way to supply the shower ?
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