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10 Dec 2003
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from Glasgow

Have sent you a message EP3 1 Apr 2019

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8 Jul 2020 at 9:45 PM
    1. smithers205

      Looking to have a my boiler serviced / looked at - would you be interested?
      I am in Dennistoun. Boiler is a 1 year old Vokera compact 28.
      Boiler seems to be producing warmish water with very little pressure.

      Graeme (O7717131732)
    2. vulcancontinental
      DP, yes, marketing can send you the image. Can you make me a friend on the forum or send a pm to me and I can let you know what to do. VC
    3. cooper1985uk
      Hi DP, I've got a Vokera 20-80 RS flowmatic and the hot water has stopped working. Before it stopped working completely it was only coming on when the hot tap was on full pressure, then after a few weeks it would only come on when the kitchen tap and the bathroom tap were on together. I've just bought a Domestic Diapragm and a Diapragm (as I had seen that these are the common cause for the problem) but I have no idea how to fit them. I live in Glasgow (southside) and had seen from one of your earlier posts that also lived in Glasgow. If you are interested in taking a look at the boiler and quoting for repairing it, could you give me a call. My number is 07902024386. Thanks, Jason
    4. westertonbilly
      Dan, currently have an Alpha 240eco which was here when I moved in 14 years ago, more than happy to let you see the set up, give me a call on 07795090690, cheers, Gordon
    5. westertonbilly
      Dan, if you do boiler replacement and would be interested in giving me a price can you let me know. I stay local, westerton, cheers
    6. milosz
      Hi Danny,

      I wonder if you could help me - you seem to be a specialist on Vokera Mynute 16e

      I just moved in, when I moved in we had hot water.
      and after 3 days we suddenly are left with cold water only

      immersion heating of water tank stopped working (checked fuses - not this)
      so I switched on the boiler

      problem is that instead of heating water it heated radiators first - and it was quite sunny - we didn't need that

      on top of that when I switched it on it started leaking when working (from first pipes on the left - looking on it or "right side of the boiler")

      also pressure seems to be very high - 2,7 - 2,8
      I read in manual it should be only between 1 - 1,5

      and now it's very close to red 3

      how can I seal he boiler, make the pressure go down?

      I open one butterfly yellow valve at the bottom for a while - but I couldn't see any effect (opened while boiler was not working , I was too afraid to open it when it was working)

      PS - the pressure on the gauge stays high 2.7-2.8 even when boiler is not working

      would you be able to tell me what to do?

      is there any chance that my stoppage of my immersion heating was connected to boler failure?

      thanks for your comments
    7. Lukas125
      Hello, i've noticed you are extremely knowledgeable about the Vokera Flowmatic, and I have a real problem with one so i'm hoping you can help! CH is fine but boiler is taking longer and longer to fire up when a HW tap is opened. A local plumber has ruled out the diaphragm, and thinks it is a sticking valve near the diaphragm which swiches between HW and CH. Quoted £280 for part, and another possible £200 if another part breaks during the removal. He's suggesting a new boiler may be a better idea. Does this sound right to you? We have a shortage of Vokera specialists here in leeds so im struggling to get a reliable second opinion. Thanks
    8. DP
      Good to hear HW is better. See you this week sometime, emergency calls allowing
    9. Maboza-Ritchy
      Dan, very please to speak with you on the phone this morning. I did as you suggested and turned off all rads at TRVs, turned on DHW and water was much warmer. I also notice that the 22mm flow and return pipes for CH also got hot (both pipes felt about same temp)so maybe partly diverting to rads. At least I have warmer water now.

      I would like very much for you to come and service & repair boiler, and if possible any day next week would suit as I'm on holiday. Hope you can fit me in your diary. I will text you my address and mob number shortly.

      PS I can pay you in cash, no problem.

      Regards, Steve
    10. Maboza-Ritchy
      Tried gasinayr4 but no reply. Im pretty desperate.
    11. Maboza-Ritchy
      Hi Dp, I see you live in Glasgow, I live in Ayrshire, do you do repairs on Vokera? Mine is a Linea 24. The CH is fine issue is with DHW varying from luke warm to hot. Please let me know? Regards, Steve
    12. ciaran77
      Hi - I see you have a lot of experience with back boiler systems and timers :)
      I have been asked to do a small job for a friend to change the actuator in his heating system as the new tenant in his house was compaining that the back boiler keeps firing up. I changed the actuator (just like for like - I am a spark but not got much experience in heating systems like this) and I thought it was working ok. At the timer switch in the kitchen there was the live and neutral and also 2 other cables, 1 live and one dead. I connected them as the previosu timer was connected. When the timer heating is activated on, the actuator operates and opens the valve, but the back boiler always seems to be on, can you explain please?

      Would be a huge help! Have been at the flat about 4 times and the tenant is still winging about high gas bills, but I think he is over reacting!

      Confused and not so bright spark
    13. kojakxx
      Hi DP I have the instructions for the Myson Midas SFI that you need, but how do I send it to you?
    14. Axel
      Thanks for the advice, I will follow it!

      Hopefully the isolating valves won't leak - I think they were replaced at least once since new. If they do they look easy enough to get at.

      More of an issue is if the isolating valves let by - that is hard to spot seeing that there are pressure drop issues already!

      My client / friend has reported that the pressure has remained the same for 2 days now, meaning that there is some intermittency to the pressure loss. She has been having baths etc as usual and using the heating during the day as normal.

      I suppose there could be a pipework leak that is heat sensitive and therefore intermittent, but I suspect the boiler the more likely fault.

      Thanks again,

    15. LeeC
      It's cool,happy reading.
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