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  • Hi there,

    Sounds like it is some configuration designed to minimise back end rot on an old CI HEX boiler?

    Or some for of early weather comp?

    We too one of those valves out of a church recently but it was connected to 2 port body.

    There is a sheet including the wiring in the CCR.

    Hope this helps?
    Will have a look later. Thank you for your efforts. If I have any queries, will be in touch
    Thanks for your helpful post. I need some professional help - you up for a quote? Or can you recommend someone? 0141 848 0767

    Much appreciated for the advice - and thanks for spending the time doing that.

    The diagphram was a genuine Vokera one, but I have to say, I ran the heating for a while this morning (about an hour-ish, and played with the hot taps whilst it was on), just trying to figure this stuff out. Anyway, I was about to go out and thought I'd turn the heating all off, and I did so - then went to wash my hands and without thinking turned the hot tap on again - and oddly, even without the heating on - all was well - nice hot water.

    I then went out for 4 hours, just returned home and thought I'd try a hot tap again - and voila! - its working perfectly.

    How odd is that - unless of course there was air in the system somehow (I did need to top up using the filling loop after it had been run.

    Thanks again - I'll keep my fingers crossed, and have a think about the things you've mentioned (it takes a while for my tiny brain to register this stuff and figure it out!)


    Hi DP
    Replaced the fan as per the service manual instructions. Followed to the letter.
    Pilot swirls when electricity is switched on and what I think are swirls are seen when burner is on. Fan definitely runs at slow speed when idle and then switches to high speed when demand for CH or HW.
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