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    Can I put a VELUX window here?

    A Building Regulations application will be needed as it is considered a structural alteration and the window is deemed a controlled fitting. The fee will be based on the estimated cost of work (what a Builder would charge to do the work-not DIY unfortunately..) Unless the Velux fits between the...
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    Chimney Query

    Yes you need to provide some ventilation to dry out any moisture that collects in the chimney. This is best achieved by fitting a hit and miss vent allowing you to close it during the cold winter months.
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    cutting a hole in my cast concrete wall...REBAR ?

    If the flue is located on the groundfloor, hire a diamond core bit drill the pilot and then run the core bit in from both sides until you just "touch" the re-bar, you can then break the concrete leaving the rebars exposed and cut them off with a hacksaw blade or croppers depending on the...
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    The only problem with forums of this nature is that no one will commit and give you a solution...

    The only problem with forums of this nature is that no one will commit and give you a solution! I run a small building consultancy and provide a fully insured structural design service. If you need assistance please call 07904 850464 or visit
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    It is possible to justify the conservatory as an traditional "extension" in the eyes of Building...

    It is possible to justify the conservatory as an traditional "extension" in the eyes of Building Control. You will need thermal calculations but this I can help you with...
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    Multifuel stove regulations

    Firstly you will either have to have a registered installer do the work or make a Building Regulations application to you local authority. If you live in an area where burners are common they will know exactly what you need to do, ask the same question in a area that doesn't have solid fuel...
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    bricking up a door.

    1930's cavity wall will probably be 50mm cavity. Offer to top the loft insulation up and the BCO should be happy with the infill being the same as the existing. If he IS asking for it to be modern standards it should achieve 0.3w/m2k. Given you wall thickness, 100mm facebrick, 75mm dritherm 32...
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    Guttering on a small bay

    Building regs will classify this as an extension unfortunatley.... NHBC guidelines interestingly don't require drainage from a roof <6m2
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    Can I build my big garage on a raft?

    A 2.7m PCC lintel costs around £25 making it very cost effective. Spans over this distance may have to consider buckling and UB encased in a 50mm concrete cover can be used, although the steel cost would be approximatley £16/metre.
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    Can I build my big garage on a raft?

    I had a job like this a while back. In the end the best solution was to dig 1m2 pads every 2.4m and span the gap using a 150x100 concrete lintel below ground. The wall is then built directly off the lintel.This solution will reduce the volume/cost of concrete and the labour. I can help out...
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    Several queries as BC may be visiting

    When upgrading an existing floor the U-value should be 0.25W/m2k. Practically this is achieved by using either 100mm of Celotex or 200mm Fibreglass between joists at 450mm centres. An accurate U-value could be calculated taking into account the exposed perimeter and the area but the the above...
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    Can I build my big garage on a raft?

    8 x 5m means the building would be controlled by Building Regulation (i.e fee payable to the council). From experience strip foundations will be cheaper than a regulations compliant raft. Where are you based? Are you on clay? This may be the reason 1200mm foundation depth has been suggested. If...
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    Move Downstairs Tolilet Upstairs

    This one depends on your local authority. The work you propose is controllable hence you should make a Building Regulations application to cover the drainage, ventilation and electrics for the new bathroom. Part M has a section that states something about not making a dwelling worse than it was...
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    Garage roof change

    This may be within your permitted development rights so it would be worth phoning the local planning department. If the garage is attached to the dwelling the change of the roof construction would need Building Regs.
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    Flat conversion EPCs

    Yes you are correct any amendments to the thermal insulation, window spec or central heating/hot water would need to be included in the final calculation. A copy of the plans with an explanation of what has actually been done will be sufficient.