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    Gate hits gas pipe to boiler - fail regs?

    Hadn't noticed. Must look OK close up. Maybe he was testing bashing the gate against it ;)
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    Gate hits gas pipe to boiler - fail regs?

    In my opinion it does, but I have no experience in this area. It's one thing to work around a gate if there was no other option. The change would be to carry on and come down in between the extractor fan and boiler flue. Horizontal length of pipe here is 150cm. If they'd run the gas pipe...
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    Gate hits gas pipe to boiler - fail regs?

    The reason the pipe went up and over was to avoid the gate. Which they haven't done. The wooden gate post is from the ground and so drilling through it would have left bigger problems when the gate post needed replacing. Have contacted Gas Safe for advice... I have paid nearly 2 grand labour...
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    Gate hits gas pipe to boiler - fail regs?

    I'm trying to work out if I've got grounds for getting the installer to come back. Could do with some opinions. Otherwise, I'll work around it as you suggest. I've also used those cheap round rubber door stops outside before.
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    Gate hits gas pipe to boiler - fail regs?

    If a gate will swing and hit the outdoor gas pipe supplying the boiler, would this be classed as unsafe and a failure of regs? Thinking about when sell on the house.
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    Part P "Shower" or just "Shower Circuit"

    "Triton Thermostatic Power Shower" is the name of the basic model# TDPS200T Triton do say you can do the plumbing first. It does make some sense the way John describes it. I suppose for replacements DIY-ers can reconnect it to the same cable, or at least have a safe example of how to do it to...
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    Part P "Shower" or just "Shower Circuit"

    Is the simple connection of a power shower to the circuit notifiable? There seems some debate if its just installing the circuit, or actually connecting the shower as well. I want to keep the cost down and thought I could get an electrician to add the spur with the 3A fuse ready to connect to...
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    Lag which exposed pipes in cold downstairs toilet

    It does have internal overflow (bought DIY shed about 4 years ago). Other information: Walls have wooden cladding half way up which would make it difficult to know if old overflow pipe hole had been sealed well, so I better check the outside... House 1990 plasterboard. Previous...
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    Lag which exposed pipes in cold downstairs toilet

    The downstairs toilet has: the back external wall facing the prevailing wind the left wall to the integrated garage the right wall external to the front door where there is no porch. The room is cold and condensation occurs on the cold pipes. The pipes are white and the wall is white...
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    'Green' bin smell

    Please don’t become one of those people who mow their lawns and trim their hedges at 9 at night then pay a bin cleaning service to bleach it clean the next day. Making that kind of noise after 7pm is a sure fire way to get a visit from the council. It’s a bin! I’d question the need for any...
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    Christmas lights OUTSIDE – who are they for?

    Coming home late last night at 9:30pm all the Christmas lights were on. There seems to be more and more houses each year. The thing I don’t understand is why you wouldn’t put the decorations up in your living room instead? Who are they supposed to be for? :? They’re not for the kids who...
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    help - conifer next door

    You have to weigh things up as it's rented and so absolutely anyone might move in and you probably want a screen. A single tree is not covered by the hedge law. Presumably the owners will be round to clean and fix the place in between tenants. I'd sort it out with them then.
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    uPVC Window frame moves when pushed.

    See:Is my window fitted correctly? In our case the lack of screws was initially covered up by the sealant. The cowboys were messy so I put some of the screws they left behind through the sides of the frames of the wobbly windows. The vendors might sort it out themselves if asked to...
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    Fuel poverty

    I disagree about the elderly and unemployed. They get a massive winter fuel payment which easily covers the extra winter bills plus a bit extra on food. I think it’s actually working people who suffer. We know elderly people in sheltered housing and their heating is on all year because it’s...
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    Wheelie bin lid - getting it to stay up

    Sorry, I didn't realise we've got different designs. Ours fold back, but that can mean them clattering onto the one behind. The day after the recycling collection you can hear the bottles crashing into an empty bin. The main noise issue though is people moving them late at night. Empty...