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    Anyone know about Panasonic small PABX?

    That's normal, depending on the type of phone and the port it's connected to. Some Panasonic systems can have three extensions running off a single port. The connector is an RJ11 - the cables that come with modems or routers are often RJ11-RJ11, and will do the job.
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    Nice find while decorating!

    I reckon the installer was too scared to drill or notch the joist.
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    Loose toilet seat

    Thanks for that. I can't manage to shift it at the moment; I think a bit more effort might be needed :)
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    Loose toilet seat

    One of the hinges on my toilet seat has become loose. This may sound simple, but I can't work out how to tighten it! The picture below shows the design of the toilet. I can't get my hand far enough around the back to reach the underside of the hinge, and I can't see a way to tighten it...
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    Running cable through modern house

    Ever seen a Sky installer at work? :D
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    So your time is worth £12.50 ph? After taking all your expenses into consideration? I'd say you're undercharging.
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    Working live

    Do Not Look At Laser With Remaining Eye
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    Ops drilled through beam!

    Will the sparks have drilled vertically through the joists? I doubt it.
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    some sort of pulsy device

    555 timer configured as a flip-flop?
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    Shop/Flat CU palcements

    I had the pleasure of renting a property some years ago which had been annexed from a larger one by Bodgit the Builder who owned the place. I believe that it was all running from a single CU and meter, as the electricity bill had to be included in the rent at a fixed rate. It was a right...
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    Servants Bell Box Indicator -Wiring

    Then what happens?
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    My Damp Proof Course is bridged

    Contact the company which provides the guarantee?
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    When much younger: - wondering whether the contacts at the bottom of a bayonet lamp fitting were spring loaded, I poked my finger in to find out. - attempting to resolder a set of 240v christmas lights while they were live. A mate was changing a light switch, and had somehow followed a...
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    Installing power socket in Partition Wall

    Do the fixing screws screw into the flaps? If so, keep turning the screw until the flap is tight against the inside edge of the wall.
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    Cutting Suspended Ceiling Supports

    A tenon saw is easier I find.