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    electric nightmare

    Who said it was more than 25% though? There was an Electricy Supply Act 1989 (for suppliers not consumers) and a Electricy at Work Refualtions 1989, but can't find the one you refer to, although I am sure you are right, I would like to read it if you know where I might find it? Well I...
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    Stuck stop cock

    Cool, ok I shall investigate :)
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    Stuck stop cock

    The tank supplies the entire building (around 20 flats) I don't think empting it is an option :? It's my g/f flat, so an invested interst, and I think I am a fairly competent plumber, although have little experience with iron pipes (copper/plastic etc no problems). I suspect too, the way...
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    Stuck stop cock

    A classic I am sure, but I think it's one with a diference. Let me paint the picture. Ex-Council building. Huge tank on roof (no access to). Iron pipe that come down to each flat, with a stop cock on. After which a short length of iron, before the first sight of any copper. Stopcock...
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    Tamper light

    Nearly all alarms now days have resistance sensing, so you would need to cut and rejoin the loop with the correct resistance link within the time it takes for either the analogue (or probably now digital) watchdog circuitory to notice a change (fractions of a second). Also bare in mind: 1...
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    How do they meter 3-phase?

    Damn, beat me to it :)
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    electric nightmare

    Nearly all houses are one single phases. A three phase supply usually comes to the end of the street, and then groups of house are on each phase, to crudely balance the load. To cause problems with an unbalanced load, you need serious differences between loads on the phases, at which point the...
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    Extending a phone socket & ADSL

    Yup, or if you are a dab hand with a soldering iron, do what I do. Open the micro filter, and solder the incomming BT line to the pins 2 and 5 on the LIne input. Run the PC's ADSL RJ11 to the output socket, extending via structured cabeling if required. Connect the entire house telephone socket...
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    Supply isolator

    I think what they are saying is: To RECONNECT the supply after the isolater is fitted, they want a cert. My advise would be take the main fuse out and proceed with the work, then call them out when the work is complete to have the isolater fitter (For any future modifications) and also the...
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    Well you should terminate all the earth connections together at the back of the plastic box, and have a fly lead from those terminations to the faceplate yes.
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    Matter of interest...

    I think if you had 20A of current flowing from say a limb to you foot, you will be in serious trouble (fatal). So Spark Although what's far more likely is spark touchs live wire, being AC there is no problem associated with muscles contracting fully, and spark would therefore pull his hand...
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    Coloured Fluorescent Lighting.

    Order some CONGO BLUE filters (tube type) from Lee Filters (a theatre lighting colour gels company) They com in the standard neon lengths. CONGO is VERY dark, and will give a "night light" feeling, with very limited UV content. If you want UV, you can blue specific bulbs, but they are not...
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    Burglar and Fire Alarms...who has fitted them?

    Absolutely, and I also produce on, leaving a copy inside the end station so should any other engineer be called to site, or I return after a couple of years, no one looks like a pleb walking about trying to work out how a wire gets from one place to another, or which colour was used for the H/O-...
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    qualifications required?

    Well they actualy query the DVLA database to double check the informations you give them with regards to penalty points are true. Either way thou, if you don't have a licence, why would you take out insurance? It would be invalid (as you say) - but anyway :p
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    Burglar and Fire Alarms...who has fitted them?

    ERRRR what are you on about? I mainly fit Menvier panels, in particular the TD790iD or TD690iD panels. CastleTec have a number of iD based systems too, as do scantronic (who are actualy part of Menvier anyway). "The main cable goes down" - that's a bit like saying if the onboard fuse...