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    Ferroli HE26C- Connecting external OpenTherm thermostat?

    I'm looking to connect an OpenTherm Honeywell T6R stat to a Ferroli HE26C. I'm aware this hasn't got the best reputation in the world, but it's managed 10 years with nothing more than a couple of O-ring replacements, and still seems quite happy. The manual (...
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    Replacing old rads on 10mm pipes with new slightly smaller rads

    I think the OP is misunderstanding what the TRV numbers actually mean. He seems to be expecting them to control the temperature of the radiator :) Roughly speaking a number on a TRV represents one 'step' in room temperature (Anything around a degree or two, depending on the TRV) Until the room...
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    Is this electrical work up to scratch?

    Nowhere remotely close to standard. A competent DIYer could do better than that.
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    Hobby Project Switch

    Local model shop if you have one. Standard bit of kit for model railway point motors. (More common in the return to center variant than the latching, but does what you want in either variant)
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    Apple equivalent combo boiler

    As someone who has been around here a long time, I can say that the 'best' boiler on here changes with the wind :P What's considered to be the best now may well end up being slagged off in 5 years time. By far and away the most important thing I suspect is the general quality of the install and...
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    Aumix pipe

    That really depends on how much care they've taken with the supplier. It's perfectly possible to get stuff manufactured in China with CE and ISO approvals etc. , but it's also equally possible (and sadly more common) for the standards to be ignored totally, but still printed on the package. A...
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    Aumix pipe

    Trademark is owned by this lot: Small company, a few other bits on eBay which appear to all be re-branded Chinese taps. Quality may or may not be dubious, it really depends on how much care they take with their suppliers / QC.
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    None standard ethernet trace wires ??

    I give good odds it's horrid Chinese CCA stuff. Can't find the actual official text of the standard for CAT5 anywhere, but everywhere I can see refers to the 2nd of the pair having a stripe.
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    Humming from old alarm clock

    Last similar 'repair' I did, I used half a rubber doorstop. You'll probably find the transformer is a standard metal framed wire wound thing attached to the baseplate and has a small gap at the top before the top casing. Chop a rubber doorstop in half (or thereabouts), and stuff this in the gap...
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    Lectros power unit From the picture, appears to be a bog-standard wallwart outputting 5v DC with a proprietary connector of some sort on the end. If the initial snake oil wasn't bad enough, they want £60 for a 50p wallwart, which should tell you a lot about their...
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    Issue with thermostat?

    I'd hazard a guess that the set temperature on the stat was 16c/ 17c. Turning the dial will go up / down from the set temperature, not the current temperature :)
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    Leak after service

    Had the boiler (Ferroli HE26C) serviced under contract this morning. Engineer had the case off & did some stuff inside, plus topped up the pressure very slightly (IIRC .9bar cold to 1.5bar) I haven't touched the boiler in the last 6 months minimum. Have now discovered a drip coming from the...
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    Atag and Intergas - New to me

    Bingo :) I've been floating around here for ~10 years, and the Intergas is simply the latest in a line of what some of the trades here tote as the next best thing. (Ideals, Viessmann & was even Valiants at one point) Get it serviced regularly (not just by sticking a FGA into the flue....) and...
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    Alpha 240E - parts available but can't be fitted

    Find a different engineerr, thus one is talking twaddle. If the internal expansion vessel is not available, an external one is almost certainly an option.