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    We Need Israeli House Builders

    Loony tunes.
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    No Thermostat tado
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    Salus RT500rf Thermostat - LED display shows room temperature too high (but isn't!)

    Have you read the the manul:
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    Salus RT500rf Thermostat - LED display shows room temperature too high (but isn't!)

    Pull batteries out, wait for 5 mins and then battries back in n try again.
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    Baxi Main Eco Compact 30kw

    Why are they not good boilers?
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    Baxi Main Eco Compact 30kw

    some prices in my area London, it includes install: Heatline Capriz. 24KW + Digital Wireless stat + 2 Years Warranty £1099. 28KW + Digital Wireless stat + 2 Years Warranty £1199. Glow-worm Compact 24KW + Glow-worm Power System Filter + Digital Wireless stat + 5 Years Warranty £1299. 28KW +...
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    Baxi Main Eco Compact 30kw

    Mine sound like a jet engine on startup sometimes.
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    Baxi Main Eco Compact 30kw

    Both essentially the same but baxi is more expensive as it comes with 7 yr warranty, other one has 5 years (both made by Baxi) Both have limited on board controls, you need to pair it with a decent thermostat , it will works with all popular ones out there. The modulation ratios are not very...
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    Car pics taken in supermarket carparks.

    All, Why do people who are selling their cars take pics at suprmarket carparks?
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    Combi boiler cycles if flow temperature is below 60°

    40c maybe too low, ideally 55c, also check where the thermostat is placed, do you get a quick drop in temp at that location? I used to have a similar issue with a new combi boiler, i had a basic salus wireless thermosat T105RF, it was horrible with no real way to program it, after 4 months i...
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    Battery Experiance

    UPDATE: All, is was indeed a relearning phase during very low external temps. All ok. now.
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    Ukraine counter offensive

    Next year will see start of negotiations, when Trumps gets into power, war over and Putin gets to keep it. Then the process to lower energy cost will start to filter through and Europe will start to receive gas again. Israel will have removed Palestinians out of Gaza, they will start gas...
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    Old Ideal Mexico 2 Boiler no Pilot Light

    My dad had this thing for 28 years, it sprung a leak, was then ripped out and replaced with a new tank and system boiler.
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    Help - installed a new battery the wrong way round!

    Think there are 2 locatiosn for fuse box, this vid shows main location under bonnet and one is in the , the vid is for left hand drive but location is similar. You should be able to pull the smaller ones out to see if any ar ebroken: I blew a fuse in sept on mazda6 when changing a part, teh...