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    Sorry to sound like a complete idiot but disconnect what from where? Not too knowledgeable about boilers
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    Thanks for reply mate but I have tried looking for the prv pipework and suspect it may have been chased into the wall behind the tiling. I have had the plastic cover off the bottom of the boiler but cannot see any pipework branching off anywhere.
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    Please help!!! I'm about to put my flat on the market but the heating system keeps losing pressure. It definatly does not have a leak anywhere. I have underfloor heating on two rooms from a manifold, and 5 radiators. I have an expansion vessell and a Potterton Profile boiler with a storage...
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    Want to polish floorboards

    Hello all, I wish to polish the floorboards in my flat, I need to know what the best way would be to prepare them and what varnish would be best to use on them? I've bought a belt sander to sand them down and I will be getting a decent durable wooden floor filler for the nails and chips. What...
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    Repairing/restoring Sash Windows

    Hi all, I have a flat with sash windows that are in dire need of renovation. I need to change the ropes, weights and pulley, and also some of the dividing trim between the windows is rotting and needs replacing. My friend and I are quite good at DIY and after some of the quotes I've had to...
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    Tiling floor with UFH

    I'm going to either tile or lino my kitchen which has water underfloor heating. Can someone please confirm that I need either stone or ceramic tiles? And does anyone know what type of lino can go on UFH? cheers peeps
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    which under floor heating???

    from previous experience I would go for electric on concrete floors, only problem with that is it takes longer to warm up the concrete when it first comes on so you would need to have a setback mode on it that would keep it at a set temperature during winter. I have water UFH but its under a...
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    Ideal W2000 Boiler

    I am renting a house which has this boiler, it seems to me that it may be on its last legs. We were away xmas day and returned Boxing day, the house was cold so we put the heating on. We have 2 kids and have temperatue monitors in every room. Before we put the heating on the temperatures were...
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    Potterton Profil 60el electronic control

    I need to obtain an electronic control for my Potterton Profile 60el, any idea where I can get one at a resaonable cost? And are they also known as PCB's? thanks
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    Before I plasterboard this wall..

    No, they are stairs, in pic 2, they go up to a converted loft room. And yes they are quite steep!! The old "plaster" had that dodgy dirt stuff in it, I ripped it off firstly thinking that I would be re-plastering the wall but had a change of mind. Thanks for all the tips guys :-)
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    Before I plasterboard this wall..

    the gap between the frame and the batoning on the wall is 22mm, if I remove the baton it should be around 25mm, so I was thinking of doing 2 layers of plasterboard?
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    Before I plasterboard this wall..

    I was thinking of leaving the frame on and sliding the plasterboard down the side of it, I have about 25-30mm of gap behind it. Would that work ok?
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    Before I plasterboard this wall..

    Should I remove the wooden batons that go between the joists, or plasterboard on top of them? See the pics Cheers
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