Ideal W2000 Boiler

3 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom
I am renting a house which has this boiler, it seems to me that it may be on its last legs.

We were away xmas day and returned Boxing day, the house was cold so we put the heating on. We have 2 kids and have temperatue monitors in every room. Before we put the heating on the temperatures were 13.7c in the smallest room, 14.8 in our room (biggest) and 17 in the boys room ( he has the hot water cylinder in his room. I put the heating stat on 18C and it took a massive 6 hours to get the house back up to that temperature. I have noticed that the boiler does not fire up as soon as the room stat clicks on, and it only stays alight for a short time, then it turns off and comes back on a while later, it does not constsntly stay on until the required temperature is reached. It also interferes with our baby monitor just before it shuts off. you get a crackling noise over the monitor. While it is crackling the boiler makes a sort of whistling sound, then it shuts off.

Any ideas?

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