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    Bath Install

    Thanks for the replies, all sorted
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    Bath Install

    Good morning all. Just wondering if there's a standard height for a bath to be installed at? I need to fit a new bath for a friend whos builder hasn't shown, but she has no bath panel at the moment, and I wouldn't want to install it too high or too low. any pointers greatly appreciated...
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    Dropping water pressure with extras - Help Please!

    Hi everyone, dusting off the tools again and got myself involved in a bit of a renovation. (if there was an Emoji for hangs head in shame it would go here)... While helping out with a bathroom replacement - and trying to work out the best shower solution, it seems the water pressure in the...
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    BulkHead replacements

    Hi all, Its been a while since I have been on here... hope everyone is doing ok? Anyway... In the office we have three very old Bulkhead style lights. 2 x Thorn 1x38W 2D POLYLUX units 1x Apollo Pizza Lamp 28w 2a 4 pin ip 65 rated. I am looking for replacement units, preferably LED, and...
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    TV installation, Internal Cavity Walls and cable routing dimlema

    Just for clarity the wall is an internal Stud wall - timber / plasterboard with rock-wool type insulation.
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    TV installation, Internal Cavity Walls and cable routing dimlema

    I wasn't sure if to post it here or in A/V .... but here goes... 2 year old house, Bedroom internal Stud wall, with insulation. Currently has ring main and Ariel sockets. I have installed a TV bracket high up the wall, and now need to run some power to the bracket area, ideally internal of the...
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    Location of fused switches for washer and tumble

    Thank you for the reply - common sense approach prevailed. The fused above worktop switch for washer outlet is just part of the ring circuit to the kitchen / utility room. Decided to just extend the ring and add a second fused switch outlet for the drier, this way the plug can be behind...
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    Location of fused switches for washer and tumble

    Currently we have washer isolator fused switch above worktop for washing machine, however I want to put a tumble drier on this worktop and create a tall larder cupboard to one side - wall is at other side. What is best practice here: Could move fused isolator up above tumble drier (near...
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    Alarm in new build

    Hi all, Im about to embark on buying a new build house, prior to carpets going in, Im considering throwing some cables around and one of the jobs is going to be an alarm system. Does anyone have any recommendations for an upgradable wired alarm system I could self install? Thanks in...
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    Outside light off internal light curcuit

    Hi all, I am away at the momment, and my parents are having some work done. Outside light fitting. With an internal switch. They have been quoted to take a feed of of spare room light, trunk across cieling and down wall to a switch, then drill through wall to new light. Any...
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    Currys Essensials Dishwasher prob

    Hi All, as per the title, the dishwasher has a problem. The wife told me it wasnt working properly, about a week ago, so I in my wisdom decided a filter clean and an expensive flusher would sort it out. How wrong... It seems its not heating the water, or drying properly. Anyone any...
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    White Knight Dryer busted

    Hi all, Our dryer managed to suck up a small plastic bag with a button in it. (The kind you get a spare button) with cloathes. Anyway, updon dismanteling, and removing the bag I noticed and made worse damage to the plastic housing that guides air to the fan, and also the condenser. (Must...
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    Simple extension question

    The socket is on a radial direct from cu to garage on a 2.5mm fte cable. The other option is to use part of my 25meter extension reel, that is flex...mmmm just remeberd i have that.
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    Simple extension question

    Hi all... I urgently need to put some power to the other end if my garage and im considering the following... As its only temporary and using what i have available. 10 meters if 1.5mm fte fitted with 13 amp 3pin plug at on end, and 4gang outlet at the other. All fastened to joists with...
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    Kerosene Oil supply

    Hi all, Is it possible to buy Kerosene by the gallon? Ive been offered some old kerosene heaters and lamps, but cant seem to find anywhere I can buy in less than 100 ltrs etc. Her in doors wont let me siphen it out of the tank to use down the Anyone any ideas...