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    heating/water pump.

    physical difference? the latter has to be bronze or stainless steel bodied Matt
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    10mm OK to feed a shower?

    how is it a contradiction?makes sense to me, there's two different requirements thats all Matt
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    Smart circulators and the bypass

    Yeah you're right ...... A rethink is in order
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    Smart circulators and the bypass

    no replacing one of the two ports with a three would do and with regards to trv's I'd say nothing is impossible could always put the three port on the cylinder circuit for example ps still on the wine so feel free to correct me :D
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    Smart circulators and the bypass

    Well I was gonna say because valve one way open to zone valve other way open to bypass but........... then I realised that when your talking about thermstatic valves shuting wouldnt help at all :oops: I'll put the wine down and get me coat
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    Smart circulators and the bypass

    or replace one of the two ports with a 3 port diverter and a fixed valve :wink:
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    Y plan can this /does this happen

    ooh I can relate to that today, glad I had the day off! cool ya got it sorted
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    Y plan can this /does this happen

    no there should not be 240v on the white when hot water only is selected 240v on the white will drive it to mid position,you have a control problem and yes heat will always move from hot to cold its physics good luck with that
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    C & M Britony Combi - Programming

    yes I know because you have to program the whole lweek first as one block. go to page 30 follow the steps 1 to 11(ie dont try to program a single day) then when you have done that at step 12 you can edit the single days Matt
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    Glow worm Ultracom heat to radiators!!!

    no he means when the boiler cycles off on its own
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    C & M Britony Combi - Programming

    page 30 step 12 this is after you have programmed on/off times for the whole week step 12) By repeatedly pressing CH each of the times entered can be viewed and checked. at this stage an individual days times can be changed. ie you have to program as a block first then edit it, it...
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    Is this thermostat wired correctly?

    at a guess No what is it replacing? I would say the yellow needs moving to B and the blue needs disconnecting and made safe. you havn't powered this up yet I hope Matt edit pipped at the post again :)
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    is it single or 3 phase

    Nope not bizarre at all The elements are star connected with a neutral tap, better to disconect at the dishwasher than having to insulate at the supply end Your dishwasher will run fine single phase as its only the elements that utilise a three phase supply Incidently you can utilise all...