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    Garage conversion questions...

    Evening all, I've read loads about the various challenges on converting the garage, but just wanted some advice on converting mine. Basically I've got a detached garage slightly set back from the house which is currently used for storing junk. It's approx 8m x 3m wide, asbestos sheet...
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    Vaillant ecotec combi problem...

    Somebody got out of bed the wrong side this morning?! Tut tut tut! :lol:
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    Vaillant ecotec combi problem...

    finally got the part through the post today, but once i pull the cover down to reveal the dials, i cant see how that section comes off for me to change the dial? do i need to take off the entire front to the boiler? help. :oops:
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    Vaillant ecotec combi problem...

    :roll: just had a closer look with a torch, and it seems it has snapped, but how do i get the snapped end of the spindle out of the front and i cant get anything in there to pull it out. do i need to take the whole front panel off? is this easy and simple to do?
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    Vaillant ecotec combi problem...

    can anyone help? -ive got the vaillant ecotec wall mounted combi. when you put the front panel down, it shows two dials on the left handside, one to adjust temperature of hot water and 1 to control the radiator heat. the lower of the 2 dials which controls the heat that comes out the...
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    fridge/freezer infront of air bricks.

    the new combi boiler is to the right of the larder wall and the gas meter is under the stairs which is the otherside of the left handwall. ive got a co2 meter in the kitchen, so think i'll block the larder cupboard vents up. thanks for posting.
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    fridge/freezer infront of air bricks.

    evening all, just need some advice on this one if anyone can help. ive just changed round my kitchen and have moved the underworktop small fridge with small top freezer compartment into the larder cupboard. Now - this larder cupboard is on the external wall and has an air brick/vent to...
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    trying to get a perfect ceiling with a roller

    Could be a number of things really - poor plaster finish, poor mix of mist coat/top coat and even the way youve used the roller. i had the same problem just over a week ago and in the end, ended up slapping on an oil based undercoat, let that dry for 24hrs then apply the top emulsion white...
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    Ceiling mounted curtain pole problems?!! help!

    I've recently redecorated bedroom 1, and now want to remove existing net curtains, and fit a new curtain pole around the bay window. Only problem ive got is i've got nothing to fix the curtain pole brackets to the wall, and it looks to me as though the only way i can do it is to attach the pole...
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    Yet another patchy ceiling paint question...

    Morning all, a day of decorating lies ahead,but my bedroom ceiling is all patchy??! Mist coat was applied 2 weeks after being reskimmed back in september,and it's had 2 coats of Matt white this week but I can see patches???! Do I need to lightly sand it? Undercoat the whole lot? Heeeeeelllllp!
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    brown/dark spots appeared on newly skimmed ceiling?

    it doesnt say on the tin to be honest. i went to b&q, wickes, and homebase and none said 'oil based', but they must do one out of those 3 stockists surely?! they were loads of stainblockers and undercoats though?""
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    Have I had Cavity Wall insulation?

    cavity wall is usually fed through the pointing and not the brick itself. did you buy the house? if so, did the surveyor not pick this up? are they any plug fixings in the holes?
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    Rising damp or condensation?

    external wall i take it? have you checked: 1)rainwater goods leaking/damaged? 2) damp proof 3) brickwork/pointing failed is that wall got lining paper on as (unless its my eyes) its starting to come away? maybe pull it off and investigate behind. with rising damp you 'usually' see tide...
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    Decorator and Handyman rates

    decorator for the companies i give work out to is £100-150 a day flat rate. im just north of london. in comparison - my plasterer has just fully reskimmed a double bedroom for me for £200. with the help of this site im trying to do things myself and finally learn a few bits and bobs. :wink:
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    brown/dark spots appeared on newly skimmed ceiling?

    i went to wickes and got crown's ' undercoat primer/stainblock' which i applied a few hours ago but it wasnt covering the spots?! should it have covered it up or will it not show through when i put the top white coat on in a few days time? just dont want it showing through when i put the top...