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    Laminate flooring on landing

    Hi, I shall be fitting new carpet on the stairs and Quickstep Eligna oak laminate on the top landing. What is the best way to join these two? Shall I fit the laminate to the edge of the landing and have the carpet go up the riser, or put some of the carpet on to the landing (about a tread's...
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    Turning the Mains Water Inlet off on Boiler

    Thanks John and Agile for the help and advice. There is an isolation value on the pipe leading to the main inlet valve. It was either turning that off or at the main stopc*ck until the plumber gets here. I didn't want to leave the house only to return to find I have an indoor water feature...
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    Turning the Mains Water Inlet off on Boiler

    Thanks John. Unfortunately I noticed the ceiling in the room below the bathroom is dripping with water, which is what led me to check the plumbing under the bath. There is an isolation valve on the mains water inlet pipe.
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    Turning the Mains Water Inlet off on Boiler

    Hi, I currently have a small leak on the pipework to the hot water tap in the bathroom. Unfortunately the leak is happening before the isolation valve, and a plumber can't get here till next Monday to repair it. I was wondering is it possible for me to turn the mains water inlet off to the...
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    From commercial vinyl flooring to floor tiles

    Hi, I'm about to help a friend lay some floor tiles, nearly 70 square metres. It currently has the commercial vinyl flooring down. I was wondering once the old vinyl flooring has been lifted from the concrete and all adhesive has been scraped off, do I need to apply anything to the floor...
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    Click Flooring?

    Where in the room is the damaged area? Is it closed to a wall? Do you still have any spare boards left over, as different manufacturers/brands have a different design locking system.
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    Oscillating Multi-Tool recommendations

    Thank you all for your comments and recommendations. I will do a bit more research and look into the models you have suggested. The majority of the door frame cutting will still be done by hand, so I will only be using the multi-tool for the hard to reach areas.
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    Oscillating Multi-Tool recommendations

    I work as a laminate floor fitter and have always used a handsaw to undercut the door frames to slide the laminate flooring underneath. I am looking for a new oscillating multi-tool to get to hard to reach areas and was wondering for those that own and use one, what brand/model would you...
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    Laminate Flooring - How to stagger

    On the first board of the first row, saw about 10-20cm off from the side which goes against the wall. When when you come to fit the first row, your last piece should be about 20-30cm long. Use the remainder of that length of laminate to start second row.
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    Building a dog house - type of wood to use

    Hi, We'll be getting a new dog very soon and before it arrives I would like to a build a house for him in the garden which will stand up to the elements. The dog will actually be living with us in our house, but I wanted to build it for him when he's in the garden with us and wants a quick...
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    Cutting 12mm Laminate floor? Which is the best cutter?

    You might also need to need to use a jigsaw to cut any intricate shapes. The blades I use for cutting laminate are the Bosch T101AO blades.
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    click vinyl planks/tiles for downstairs loo

    I just recently fitted a click system LVT flooring by Lifestyle Floors. It's the Emporium Clic Contemporary Flagstone pattern. It's 4mm thick. Very easy to install and looks really good. Uses the Uniclic system. Make sure it's the Emporium Clic...
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    Easiklip solid wood flooring very creaky!

    Just had a look at the easiklip installation video and they suggest 15mm expansion gap. Are you able to remove a skirting board/beading to have a look at what expansion gap has been left? Is there any damp coming up through the concrete floor which may cause the wood to expand?
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    Easiklip solid wood flooring very creaky!

    Was an adequate expansion gap left around the perimeter of the room. What material is the subfloor, wood or concrete?
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    Bed room lamination ...Can I use this below form underlay?

    What you have there is indeed carpet underlay and would be unsuitable for laying laminate flooring onto. It would make the laminate floor too bouncy. You can get a fibreboard underlay which I think is about 6mm thick and that will even out any minor unevenness in your wooden subfloor.