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    Stairs cove moulding return on edge of step

    Hi, I am looking to replace the cove moulding on my staircase as we want to repaint the stairs and its seen better days. My question is can you buy the cove moulding with the return already cut or do you have to do this yourself? If you have to do this yourself does anyone know of a guide to...
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    Preparation before getting walls skimmed for best results

    Hi Tigercubrider, No I haven't tapped the walls. I will look into this - thanks!
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    Preparation before getting walls skimmed for best results

    Hi Steve, Do you mean the cracks in the bottom of the last picture? If so I know there are 2 thick cables that are in the wall - the top part of the wall was the same and I asked the builder to have a look when I was getting the loft converted. They quickly plastered over the top section but...
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    Preparation before getting walls skimmed for best results

    Hi guys, I'm going to get a number of rooms in my house skimmed in the coming weeks. Before getting people out I was wondering what prep I could do. I'm not trying to cut corners or be cheap - I want the best possible job and I'm happy to put some effort in to help ensure this happens. I have...
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    Removing old paint from the plastered walls

    Hi, I'm in the progress of doing up a Victorian house and need some advice. I have discovered that the paint used by the previous owners simply peeled away from the plastered walls really easily so I have started to remove all the paint throughout the house by scrapping it off. It literally...
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    Smart plug with random programme

    Hi slider09, I can recommend the TP-Link HS100 that you can get for about £25 from Amazon or Argos. Has a really good little app, can control them from anywhere (as long as you have internet connectivity) and has timers with random functionality. I had a few of the chinese one's (ORVIBO) that...
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    Sewer blocked?

    I am hoping you are correct - but I am trying to determine that for sure. Here is the side return that I want to extend into and I have highlighted this drain. What are the best ways for sealing this? Do I need to look into one of those double sealed manhole covers?
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    Sewer blocked?

    Turns out it is my kitchen waste. I put the washing machine on to a quick wash and turned the taps on and the water started flowing out the 'unknown' pipe down into the sewer. Thanks for your help. I'll now be looking to workout the next steps in getting a build over agreement from Thames Water :)
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    Sewer blocked?

    Thanks 1990. The unknown one is towards my kitchen and away from my neighbours property. I might put the washing machine on tonight and see if the kitchen drains into it. Is there any other tips to try and identify where it goes?
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    Sewer blocked?

    Andy - Thanks very much. Don't suppose you would know what the unknown pipe could potentially be? And would you class this as a private drain? I'm looking to get a build over agreement as the drain is in my side return and I am trying to work out what is what so I can get the documentation...
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    Sewer blocked?

    Thanks - I thought it was a drinks bottle. Will remove it tonight once home. Any idea what that top pipe is for?
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    Sewer blocked?

    I am looking to get permission for filling in our kitchen side return and in preparation I was looking at the drains which I know I will either need to get permission to build over or need to relocate. I noticed that in the pipe above the drain run away where appears to be some kind of plastic...
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    Any idea what this is?

    Hi, Firstly if this is the wrong forum to put this, i'm sorry. Please move it appropriately. I am trying to identify what this is? And where I could get a new cover for it as you can clearly see this one is well past its best! :) Can anyone help? Thanks Al[/img]
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    What is it?

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