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    Ikea Dishwasher Renlig DW45 will not start cycle

    The above machine (which I think may be a re-badged Whirlpool model) will not start the dishwashing cycle. When the power on button is pressed, one LED, the 65C, lights up, but the select/cancel button has no effect, i.e. that should cycle through the different wash options. Does anyone know...
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    minimum bedroom size and building regs

    Interesting! So the third bedroom in the old 1970s Wimpey houses just creeps in at ~53 square feet :D
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    Bricklaying DVD perhaps a tad misleading?

    I bought one of these a few years back and they seem quite good for the basics, but they possibly give quite a false impression of how much adjustment you can make once a brick is laid, or is it just me? The training centres seem to use a muck/mortar mix of 1 lime to 6 sand. That mix is...
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    What lenght does a catnic lintel need to be

    Catnic selection procedure Step 2: Structural opening How wide is the structural opening? a.Measure the size of the structural opening i.e. the open space between the walls where the door/window frame is fitted b.Add 150mm minimum to each end oops red herring has already given you...
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    Trench Blocks & size

    "All Celcon Foundation Blocks may also be used above ground for solid wall construction." & "With exceptional resistance to freeze/thaw conditions likely to occur below DPC level BBA certificate 01/3816 confirms that all Celcon Foundation Blocks are suitable for use in soil conditions...
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    Part L/ fitting rads in conservatories.

    From the new regs. Conservatories and porches Regulation 9 of the Building Regulations exempts some conservatory and porch extensions from the energy efficiency requirements. The exemption applies only for conservatories or porches: • which are at ground level; • where the floor area...
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    gas certificates for building inspector?

    Thanks Tony and Great Bear, I will ask my mate to get his badge number off my mates certs, then check with the Gas safe register. However, I don't want to drop him in it, but I do want the extension signing off by building control. Cheers thanks a lot.
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    gas certificates for building inspector?

    I figure there must be a cert otherwise why insist such work be carried out (former Corgi) GSR fitter. I didn't get his badge number, otherwise I could check with GS to make sure he has got cooker and fires on his list of competencies. The delay makes me wonder if he has been a bit ( a lot)...
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    gas certificates for building inspector?

    Just getting round to getting the building inspector back in to sign off the new extension. We had a couple of gas safe guys work on the job. The first one installed a new boiler etc. and we got the paperwork through for that. Got another guy in because the first guy was now too busy subbing...
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    Internal wiring loom for electric cooker ovens & ranges

    Despite the variety of external badges (for the same or nearly the same 'guts'), the true manufacturer is the Italian company, Terim, and they seem to ignore any queries.
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    Internal wiring loom for electric cooker ovens & ranges

    Hi, Does anyone know the proper classification for the internal wires used in ranges and a source for them? Need to replace such a wire. I believe they are silicone coated and have a higher than standard temp rating (useful that inside this environment). Thanks
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    Increasing radiator output and improving CH performance

    I know many people who use or want to use their conservatories all year round, (some opened them up to rest of the house, i.e. no DG patio style doors in between, a bit naughty as then then are not exempt from BC remit) but the insulation factors and in a lot of cases particularly those of the...
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    Ideal classic FF50 pilot light not coming on, all rest OK?

    It is probably worth saying that the body responsible for 'policing' those in business whose job involves work on gas appliances, i.e. the Gas Safe register (successor to Corgi run by Capita) would need to prove competency the following ACS qualifications, CCN 1 - Domestic Core Gas Safety...
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    Ideal classic FF50 pilot light not coming on, all rest OK?

    Apologies all, sorry for original answer.