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    wet room edging

    mother in law has just moved into property with wet room/shower. The vinyl upstand on walls is coming away slightly in places (not in area where water would ingress) what would be best product to re stick this to walls
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    Door to floor

    I have just fitted laminate floor in kitchen. I now need to re hang door. What gap should there be between bottom of door and floor
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    i was hoping to use adhesive only and some sort of mitre adhesive on external mitres
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    hi i have some 119mm round edge skirting (pencil round?) to fit. should i cope internal corners with this and what adhesive do you recommend to fasten skirting to plasterboard walls?
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    lvp underlay?

    hi i have a concrete kitchen floor 20m2 and am going to use self leveling compound before laying lvp. do i need underlay and if so what do you recommend
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    socket blanking plate

    I am looking at getting new kitchen and have been told existing twin socket is too near where ceramic hob will be. 110mm away but should be 300mm? would fitting a blanking plate over socket be a suitable solution. I realise i will have to join wires behind plate (wagos?)
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    cutting laminate worktop

    Thanks guys. I knew about cutting with laminate side face down but wasn't sure if it applied to track/plunge saw
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    cutting laminate worktop

    I realize this has probably been covered before but what is correct way to cut way a laminate kitchen worktop with a track saw. do i cut front to back laminate side up?
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    Humax Not Working With New LG TV

    quick update. i bought a new humax freeview recorder and its working fine. thanks for the replies
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    Humax Not Working With New LG TV

    Thanks for your reply. Have tried the software update, but doesn't seem to have worked. Will look into getting an emulator. Spoke to Humax helpline today who said only solution is to buy a newer Humax box (what a surprise).
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    Humax Not Working With New LG TV

    I have recently purchased a new LG 4K Nano Cell TV in the hope of using it with my Humax Fox HDR T2 box. However, while the TV works on the antenna input, there appears to be no signal on the HDMI input for the Humax box. The picture begins to play for about half a second when first turned...
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    Does my bathroom need a door

    you paint such a pretty picture puller
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    blocking gas fire vent

    yes 3 nos
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    8.5kw Electric shower choice

    triton aspirante lovely shower