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    Quick question (Senior moment)

    I'm gathering all the bits n bobs ready to have a multi-fuel Rayburn installed & we're using a TELBCI18045VF - Telford INDIRECT Combination Cylinder 1800 x 450, single-coil, with immersion. My question is. Do I need to order a ball-valve for the cold water inlet at the top? On the spec, there...
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    Small double storey next to a Listed Building

    I know from experience that trying to sell a listed buildings that have undergone any alterations since the original listing is a nightmare, so you neighbours may have problems selling anyway.
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    Quick question: Dimming 6v LED plinthlights

    Sorry I've been so long in replying , thanks to everyone. Well I'm pleased to say it actually works OK, I simply introduced the dinner after the 6v dc transformer and have tested it continuously for the last week at various levels of brightness. The plinth light instructions state that they...
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    Quick question: Dimming 6v LED plinthlights

    As the title, please can anyone tell me if I can dim 6v plinth/decking lights with one of these I don't want to cut the...
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    ken livingstone and zionism, please explain

    History has to be changed so as not to offend anyone. If people bother to investigate via Google they will see Hitler and the Jews did, albeit for a short period pre war, exactly as Livingstone said. Politicians and others have twisted the truth in his statement to deny the truth all Ken does is...
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    Never trust a template

    I'm installing a stainless twin bowl corner kitchen sink purchased from screwfix. There are comprehensive installations including a good quality template which following the instructions I cut out and used to position the sink exactly n place on my nice 40mm solid oak worktop. I thought to cut...
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    Tassimo Coffee Machine

    well I love my Tassi
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    Bricks in skip

    Offer them on Freecycle you never know you may get shot of a few Nadlig Clawen i gyd
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    Gas, rubber tubing

    I just had another look and its definitely orange pipe with the crimped type jubilee clips. Farmhouse has lpg cylinders with red pipe between regulators to copper through the wall, this stuff is similar (or the same) as caravan pipe
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    Cutting trees down

    Fence it off with access from your existing garden, call it either an orchard or paddock, thin the trees out, maybe plant 'new' fruit trees in the future. Lawns are boring
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    Gas, rubber tubing

    Living in the country where there's only mains gas in the larger towns I'm quite used to seeing orange rubber tubing used on LPG setups but recently I've noticed it's use connecting hobs 'in town'. I thought domestic situations need copper pipes etc, though obviously not with LPG, whats the...
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    Suspended wood floor, ventilation, wet plinth-heater.

    There are grills to outside 1 at back and 1 to the front, there's a pretty good movement of air I was just wondering if it would benefit from a boost in a 'stagnant' corner
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    Suspended wood floor, ventilation, wet plinth-heater.

    Our house is a couple of hundred years old and the ground flloor are pine suspended over a 2' gap. It's all clean and tidy, no rot or damp and we fitted underfloor insulation a couple of years ago. My question is: I am in the process of converting the rear 'parlor' into the kitchen. I have a...
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    13a plug instead of D/pole switch

    They are a local well respected company but I don't think they enjoy their work if you get my drift :(