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    Shower Arm Type

    Hi, I have a problem with my shower head leaking at the thread, I've taken it off with a view to replacing it but it doesn't seem to be a standard thread to change the arm. Can anyone give advise on if I could find a replacement part with the thread or how to replace the whole arm? For...
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    Level/Skim the wall with tile adhesive?

    Everything I read tells me to start with a flat even surface. I've never tiles before so was thinking it would be easier to make a good job of it. Would it work as in is that primer the correct one for that adhesive and my surface? Is it ok to tile over the adhesive and would I need to...
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    Level/Skim the wall with tile adhesive?

    I have removed some tiles in my bathroom, whilst removing the tiles it has pulled off some of the original skim coat plaster in places so I have some plaster and some plasterboard showing. My plan is to fill these shalow areas (3mm) and any minor imperfections with a pass of MAPEI RAPID-SET...
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    Plaster boarding before tiling

    I'm cutting out some plasterboard that has tiles on, and replacing the plasterboard before re-tilling. I don't intend to skim the plasterboards as it will have tiles on, however the old plasterboard does have a skim on it. Once I replace the boards there will be a slight difference in width...
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    Tiles removing plaster / skim coat.

    Thanks for the reply, i've decided to cut out the plasterboard and re-board, and use backer board in wet areas. I don't plan to skim the boards as they will have tiles, but what is the best way to have the new plasterboards and tile backer be flush with the old plasterboard that has the skim on...
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    Tiles removing plaster / skim coat.

    Hi, I'm removing tiles from the bathroom in preparation for retiling however the tiles are pulling off some plater/skim coat. What should be my plan of action in terms of preparing the area before retiling? My first post here thankyou for any help.