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    Paint for composite front door

    You won’t regret it. One of the easiest paints to work with which needs no primer or undercoat. I just gave the door a very light sanding (took all of 10 minutes), brushed off the dust and gave it the first coat. It covered really well, but the second coat brought out a great finish. Work...
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    Paint for composite front door

    I've just used some of this. Great to work with, quick drying and looks good. Don't know how long it will last though! I've added before and after photos below. Started at 10.00 am and had 2 coats on by 2.00 pm...
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    Replace transformer?

    Well I had a good look at all the connections and all seemed to be fine - no evidence of corroded, burnt or loose connections. So I stumped up less than a tenner for a new transformer and fitted it this morning. And the lights now stay on! :D Thanks for your help guys. Rich
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    Replace transformer?

    Hi Thanks for the rapid response. Both lights go out (and come back on) together, so I guess that rules out poor contacts on the lampholders. There is no insulation in the roof space - it is a flat roof and the transformer is located as far from the lamps as it will go. So I'm thinking that...
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    Replace transformer?

    I wonder if I could seek some advice please? We have 6 12V 50W halogen downlighters in our dining room, all operating from the same switch. Two of the lights have recently started to go out after about 5 minutes of operation, and then come back on a while later. They always come on with the...
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    Reflector foil behind radiators

    Hi When I did this I used 'No More Nails' type adhesive - just a few lines of the stuff around the edge of the foil and a cross in the middle. It's been up over ten years now with no problem. Cheers
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    TV and rain

    Thanks for the info everyone. As you say, she did not ask to go digital - the old analogue TV worked perfectly even with the loft-installed aerial dating from 1973! The new roof-mounted aerial was installed as part of the switchover, using new components and cables as far as I can see. She...
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    TV and rain

    Hi Mother-in-Law has an analogue TV (circa 1996) which has recently been adapted to receive digital TV through a Freeview box and a new aerial on the roof. This work was done as part of the digital switchover. She is finding that whenever it rains, she cannot get a picture - just lines on...
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    Gall stones

    My Dad had his gall bladder removed a couple of years ago. He was nearly 80 when he had it done and it was done using keyhole surgery. He too, was terrified at the thought, but he was fine afterwards. So good luck to your other half - they will be fine!
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    Removing radiators

    These usually come with a screw-on cap that holds the pin down - so you take off the thermostatic head and then fit the screw cap. You might get one from your local plumbers merchants. Hope this helps!
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    Lining paper - but not lining paper !!

    Hi Could it be Muraspec? Often used in banks, building societies etc. Have a look on their website:
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    Replacing Wickes alarm

    Hi folks Just a quick post to say thank you for your advice. A nice new Texecom panel is on my shopping list. And on my list of things to do . . . . . Cheers :D
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    Replacing Wickes alarm

    Hi All My old Wickes wired alarm system has died after about 15 years so I'm looking to replace it. I want to make use of the existing wiring which I put in, so I think I only really need a new panel and bell box. While I am no electronics expert, I was able to install the old one OK, but...
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    How secure is this?

    I'm planning to install a heated towel rail in our kitchen, to be fed from the central heating. I want to mount the rail (1200 high x 480 wide) onto a 500 wide wall. This wall is a combination of brick and a plasterboard boxed in section for the water pipes and soil stack from the bathroom...